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Batman, Superman, Sherlock Holmes, Johnny Quest, Dark Water, Histeria - all franchises or cartoon series that I daydream about contributing to or resurrecting. So, I can relate to all those fan fiction writers.

Like most everyone else, I'm certain my ideas are all "gold, Jerry, gold", but sometimes truth hurts. Sometimes the difference between a successful writer and a starving artist isn't about who has a better idea, it's about who has the ability to paint the full picture for the reader. And an original idea is the best opportunity to showcase your talent, in my opinion.

This was another informative post. Thanks for giving us your perspective.

My question is this, before your career in writing, was there a particular franchise that inspired you? Did you have a hard time shaking the thought of those pre-existing characters and stories to branch off and create your own?

Thanks for posting this Tad!
Very informative, and supportive for us Darkwing fans!

Ohh! Thanks so much for this Mr. Stones! :D Glad I read this before I start my own Fan fiction~

ThanksTad. I hope I can make my works more than just fanfiction. Maybe we could even be partners.

Hey Tad. I thought this is a very good post. :)

A lot of the stuff I'm doing now has kinda moved away from the 'fanfic' universe into doing my own thing and creating my own characters and their universes. I still consider the possibilities of working on pre-existing titles (like Darkwing Duck if Marvel decides to do another Disney Afternoon comic block, or Ape Entertainment's Sesame Street Comics [if Sesame Workshop gives them a go]), but try to keep my original ideas open and moving forward.

Also, I'd like to add two things that I find really helpful (if you don't mind)l:

1) Never go around and telling the whole wide world about your ideas. It never hurts to share your ideas with a some other people who'll help you along the way, but as you mentioned about your policy regarding fanfic, you don't want to put yourself at risk for stealing ideas, or have your ideas stolen.

2) When you write stories, look within yourself and base them on things that happened to you [emotional events, personal, etc]. I think it was DC/WB writer, Paul Dini who mentioned this as advice too, in an interview.

Also, I wanna thank you for all those notes you gave me on my sketch of Rocket-- your original character. I've been drawing the human figure's body parts for weeks.

Hmmm, I wonder how many of the people reading this blog know the significance that the song "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman" by Whistling Jack Smith played in your early career.

Hi Bill! I started my Disney career still whistling it but the only whistles allowed were the "whistles while we work."

Hope you're doing well.

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