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My apologies for hitting the "Publish" button so many times. It's been so long that I forgot all the seconday things like setting keywords and publishing on Facebook. Hope you enjoyed it.

Nice to hear how things are going, Tad. Good luck on the new TV show.

BTW, I can totally relate about harnessing your own drawing style. I've been practicing for more than a year now, and while I tremendously improved, I still feel like my style is too 'organic' (if you know what I mean). The only thing that I can do is constantly practice.

Hey Tad! As promised, I'm gonna ask you another old Disney TV show related question-- this time, involving Talespin. I know you didn't work on the show (though I do remember Talespin being parodied in Aladdin), but I thought you could shed some perspective on the licensing for the show. As you know, Boom! Studios made it clear that they won't be able to publish Talespin comics because of the special license it has, that Darkwing Duck, Ducktales, etc. don't have (it's not considered a Disney property anymore because they lost license to Jungle Book). While I'm disappointed that there won't be a comeback for Talespin, I understand why they wouldn't be able to get the license for the show. But do you know what doesn't make sense? If Disney doesn't have the license to Jungle Book/Talespin anymore, how did they manage to release Vinylmation Talespin merchandise, around the same time it was announced they couldn't publish TS comics? It kinda puzzles me...

I'm guessing you have facts confused. First of all, Kipling's JUNGLE BOOK is in the public domain. There's no one to say whether Disney can or can't use it. If there are different rights for TaleSpin it may be because it uses characters from the feature. Disney features are in a different category.

Disney controls the image of Baloo, both as bear and pilot. They can license it however they want. So TaleSpin may indeed be in a different category internally or they've decided not to license out any more shows for comics because they bought a comic company.

Addendum to the above: I have no actual knowledge of neither Disney's or Boom! Studios plans for comics. I make guesses like everyone else.

So fun article is! I know more from it.

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