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I know how that's like; even Bruce Timm's probably been there. I remember watching a behind the scenes special on 'Batman: Mask of the Phantasm', and he said that he went through probably a ton of sketches until he could come to the final design of the Phantasm, that we know and love. I remember the video was on youtube somewhere, but I think I'm too lazy to find it. lol

Also, I thought I'd ask this DW question, because it's related to your post (and not post it on facebook lol)

I remember looking up a comment on youtube, while watching 'The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain.' Someone posted that the design of Paddywhack, was originally intended to be the original design of Quackerjack. I know you said that the QJ the fans are familiar with, was a far cry of what you really wanted the character to look like, or act like (you said you intended on making the character more dark while creating DW); i just wanted to get some clarify, for the sake of knowing...

You're wrong about the Quackerjack design. Paddywhack came along later. What's true is that I originally thought of him being less silly, more psychotic in his humor. The voice seemed to push him in a different direction. It was probably a lack of imagination on my part. There's no reason the actor couldn't have been given a meatier part. I must say the current comic book version is probably darker than I would have taken the character.

ah, then maybe I read the comments on the video wrong.

Still can't wait to read the Annual when it comes out tomorrow, and see QJ and Chronoduck in action; It's gonna be great. :D

This is an interesting topic. Very informative to hear about your thoughts on the process. I wonder how many people get by just on assembling the pieces instead of truly composing a perspective and a personality. It seems like a lot of the stuff I've seen most recently is lacking that careful hand.

Mr. stone

i know that this is off topic but could i possibly email you a few questions about your work (specifcally darkwing duck and this thundarr thing i am seeing on your site)

abe schneider

It's "Stones" and go ahead and post them here. Can't promise a timely response but I'll try!

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