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Yeah. The new SD cartoon is really good.

I'm also looking forward to the new Young Justice series that's being done by Greg Weisman. BTW, is it true that he came up with Gossalyn's name?

I don't have a clear memory of it but now that you mention it, it feels right. So I'll say "yes" until he tells me differently.

I know what you mean about a bad habit of focusing on the bad with Hellboy. there's one retake I missed with Kate's gloves being skin colored instead of the proper color & they went & made that scene into a trading card! Collect 'em all! Put my mistake in a special pouch! *sigh*

I secretly hope with Film Roman being sold (again) that they'll be a shot at Hellboy 3. We put a teaser in HB2 & everything - I wanna see it! Lobster Johnson!!!

...& considering the other shows on at the time, Recess & Pepper Ann weren't too bad. Not the comedy/action that I grew up with The Disney Afternoon, Tiny Toons, et al, but not bad...

I agree with Steffie, Recess wasn't a bad show at all. It actually was my cup of coffee in the morning before I'd go to school. Phineas and Ferb are okay too.

Also, I wanted to use this blog note to recap on my thoughts of the new CGI Superbook. The new pilot ep that I saw (it's on youtube btw) just didn't have the same touch as the original, and almost had a distorted view on religion (near the end of the episode). Maybe I'm not a little kid anymore like you said, and that it's aimed at a new generation of audience (my little cousin, etc.), but I felt the message was forced and wasn't of that of the Bible, imo. And I agree that kids of today, don't wanna act like kids in the 80s, but again the message bothered me because it encouraged an 'im better than you' fad, you know?

I strongly disagree with the "you only like shows you grew up with".

Why? Because I saw most of the DA series recently, I didn't watch them at all when I was young - and yet, I love them! (while I can't stand what is offered to youngesters nowadays)

Why do you think nowdays kids love (for eg.) The Jungle Book, while it was released forty years ago? Because Disney made the efforts to keep their animated films alive, something they never did for their series. (unfairly)

Also, why coming back to them? Well, maybe because there's SO many more stories that could be told AND there's audience for that.

Finally, the newest series don't really make good audiences when compared to before. Kids would much rather spend time on the web or on video games than watching "crappy" live series.

I agree with Dennis. If new tv shows nowadays are marketed to the kid thats no longer inside us, how come they wind up with low ratings, compared to tv shows before that time, even it's not just tv shows we grew up with?

Coupla things:

Not all, but many of the live action shows on the various kids networks get great ratings for their channels. "That's So Raven" slaughtered anything animated on the Cartoon Network at the time.

I don't believe I said that "you only like shows you grew up with." I said for the complainers about present day television choices, their fondness is based on the shows that they watched when they were young. Back in the fifties, I loved Colonel Bleep... a cartoon deemed as one of the worst of 1950's TV. (I loved the Sci Fi element). Sometimes we look at the old stuff and it doesn't fare so well, other times we look past the imperfections and love 'em.

This doesn't mean you can't discover cartoons new to you that you enjoy whether old or new.

Finally, no TV shows get as high ratings as the old days. Especially animation. There used to be only four sources of cartoons in America: CBS, NBC, ABC and whoever was the host of your local station's kid show (and there were plenty of cities who didn't get all of those). Now the audience is divided up over dozens of channels that play kids programming and that's not counting non TV diversions.

I do think there's plenty of appeal in a show that tells stories, mini-features if you will as opposed to gag shows. That itch isn't often scratched these days.

I'd love some more Hellboy Animated goodness. Those just oozed awesome. Especially if we could get more BRPD stuff.

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