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Hello, dear Ted! Please say whether it planned to continue the cult animated series Disney's (1990's), a producer who you are with Alan Zaslov and remove them for full-length version of the cartoons, we are very bored, and now this is lacking.
Is it possible to release the DVD version of the full-length Darkwing duck series "Darkly dawns the duck", broken into effect on 2 series, and part of the frame was cut. Why?
Why in the series Darkwing Duck is not included this picture? How can I contact with your friend Alan Zaslov?
Sincerely, fans from Russia.
На латинице

http://s011.radikal.ru/i316/1010/0c/109c656cba9c.jpg This scene does not exist in the same series. Why?

Did you see the preview? It had two nice touches: Geegaw needed saving, and he accidentally insulted his daughter.

Is Gadget autistic?

Awesome preview pic. I can't wait to get the comics after they come out.

For some reason, I've always had the nagging feeling that Gadget and Joy [Superbook] were similar in appearance, although Joy's blonde hair is brighter than Gadgets. To clarify, whom did inspired Gadget's character?

It's cool!!! We want to continue the animated series!!! Just paint in the traditional format of animation, like the first 65 episodes, but not in 3D (otherwise doomed to failure), please.

Some answers:
I have nothing to do with how the series is released, in what format or in what order. that's all Walt Disney Home Video.
Vladimir - I assume Darkly Dawns the Duck was not released because they wanted an assortment of episodes, not a single story. The scene you linked to was not in the series because it was especially animated for the title sequence.
We never thought of Gadget as being autistic. She was just Gadget.
Gadget's design was my own then reinterpreted by Toby Shelton.
The inspiration for her personality was a character in the movie, Real Genius.

There's very little to zero chance of there being a new RR tv series. The chance of a direct to video movie is only slightly better. Very slightly. And if it happened it would most likely be CG. (Sorry, Victor).

I SO wish that TaleSpin would get the same (amazing) treatment. Sorry, I know you didn't work on it, but still.

The inspiration for her personality was a character in the movie, Real Genius."

Who did she play in Real Genius?

It was Michelle Meyrink who played the female lead, Jordan

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