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By the way, I covered a lot of this material in an early post entitled, "Brainstorming." There you'll find the same recap of my summer of gags and Fox and Hound work. But it all came back to me with my current development.

Hope you don't mind the rerun.

I read somewhere you animated for Fox and the Hound...maybe I trust wiki too much. *rollseyes*

BTW, cool drawing. I love how you got Darkwing, Mickey Mouse, Hellboy Jr, etc. stuff together trying to get out. XD

I have one animated scene in a Disney feature: Bernard mouse walking across a desk and turning when he hears a cuckoo clock. It never got a real clean up job. I moved into story soon after that. I did not animate on Fox and The Hound. I did story, also uncredited. It wasn't until The Black Cauldron that Disney began crediting everyone who worked on the picture, or who was employed in anyway connected to the feature.

Ah, the Rescuers. I remember that film. I still have that and it's sequel in my VHS collection.

As for Fox and the Hound, I've heard that Don Bluth directed/animated a few scenes, and was also uncredited. Did you get a chance to meet him during the film's production before he moved onto Secret of NIMH?

I'm very excited from your descriptions about Bob's Burgers. Which network will that be showing on?

Again -- I love reading about your thought process. It's really interesting to get an inside look on how a storyboarder/writer thinks about projects like this. Thanks for posting this!

Glad you enjoy reading it. I enjoy writing them. The gaps between blogs are mostly a result of me not coming up with a topic.

BOB'S BURGERS will premiere on FOX in January.

Bob's Burgers was a great disappointment, can't believe i sat through the whole thing, such horror :S



The description of Bob burgers is so exciting

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