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I have a bunch of friends from school who loooove the Hellboy Animated series and keep bugging me to ask you about more movies. "You talk to Tad Stones online don't you? Ask him about Hellboy!" Haha. We've had quite a few late night Hellboy Animated marathons. I really do hope the series gets resurrected, it was awesome (and certainly more true to the series compared to the live action movies).

Also, your Halloween pic totally reminds me of the episode "Monsters 'R Us" when Gos was the Frankenstein, DW was the werewolf, and LP was the vampire bat. I'm a huge supernatural fan too, so that was a favourite episode of mine, along with the now-banned "Hot Spells".

I love your DW zombie sketch! Braaaaaiiiiiins. I'm sure Gos is secretly loving it. I enjoy supernatural and paranormal to some extent, but I have to confess that I'm a bit of a baby when it comes to scary things, lol. I was always partial to vampire potatoes, though. ;)

Awesome sketch. Launchpad as frankenstein: priceless XD

One of my favorite monster/supernatural episodes of Darkwing Duck was 'Ghoul of my dreams' which featured Nodoff. What inspired his character?

The general idea of Nodoff came from Nightmare, an early adversary of Dr. Strange created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee. I guess he returned as a much more serious villain and was recently killed in the comics.

Another adversary I've used in several shows is a kind of shadow villain who's 2 dimensional and can pick up things by picking up their shadows. I think that came from another Lee/Ditko story but from before the time of Marvel superheroes. Most recently I saw a version of the shadow man in THE FROG AND THE PRINCESS.

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