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Cool sketches.

The top one, is that the original DW concept when the show was intended to be a spy parody? I know you said wait until the next issue from Boom, but it just caught my attention...

*Geeks out* Very cool!

I like your rock monster the best, I think. :)

I am seriously loving that alternate Darkwing, rocking the John Woo hardware. It feels very right.

Hi Tad!! How cool! Thanks for posting this.

I especially love Gosalyn, and the fire duck woman. DW's vest and tie are very, very sharp.

Wow, nostalgia flash! Top-DW reminds me of Eisner's "The Spirit", which seems fitting with his "Shadow" homage. The new villains look fun, and Negaduck on the bottom was a perennial favorite of mine.

I love seeing your sketches, and it'd be awesome if Boom! could somehow incorporate that double-gas-gun-toting Darkwing into their comic world. <3

Tad, I had some villain ideas if you cared. :)Or if not, I just wanted an excuse to post on your blog. Love the DW Halloween sketch by the way. Keep drawing, we love it!

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