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i saw the trailer about a month back . and i said.. wow that dragons a cousin of stitch.. so i went back to sander's site and there was a vague mentioning of him working with the script of an unnamed upcoming dreamworks project..
i just liked every bit of it..
i agree with your observation of the dragon 'urging' the kid to eat..then the weird lip movement.

real cool dragon..
im also a big fan of nico marlett and im looking forward to the art from this book..
i really like the way dreamworks are coming up with fresh stuff.


thanks for sharing tad..
i have some posting in my blog too

wow tad,

this is a reply for 'too many headshots'..
you are just discussing all that i want to know precisely...its a dejavu ..havent i already written this in a post before..?

im working on a comic book of my own, ever since you had showed me a better way of approach than doing fan art.
so i did this 1 pager black and white and then since i myself was writing and doing the artwork, the mistakes were less evident.

the door slamming was not felt actualy.
i felt the girls slammed it themeselves from preventing any more 'evil' to enter the room.

i have the same opinion with the eeeeeeeeeeeeeee scream in the same page.
so very honest to show your stuff and then discuss them..

thank you so much


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