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nice one again.
i get the point about intelligent animation writing.
i once worked with a short fil, the script of which was written by a live action director..
i hope you can undertsnad what that means.there was this sequence of man-tiger transformation and his script had 4 or 5 such ones ..each one from a different angle and each one mid shot and he wanted a clear transformation.

that .. to me is defenitely not a good writing. we blamed the layout department for doing detailed shots.. the layout dept blamed the storyboarders and the story boarders blamed the peops and bg designers....wjile the real culprit was sleepong in the bunker..
you are right tad.. now i get the pointwe could have ..
1. made a stock transformation ( there was nothing special about each one so as to br made distinct)
2. the writer coold have used silhouttes ( old disney method...you know better thab me)
3. it could have been suggestive like the charcter moving behind pillars..annd the tiger could have emerged from the other end.. or may be wagging of a tigers tail in between.

it could have been more iinteresting.

real good point and thanks so much for sharing..
btw your profile photo looks like 'jafer' with the pit lighting..
and omg.. you are the creator of darkwing duck - salutes...

i've got a new hellboy ..thanks for showing my works to folks around..that means a lot to me.
just wondering if mike ( ahem...'mignola') would get to see it.
he doesnt have to comment anything but if this picture hits his retina...i would be the happiest man alive.
do tell him that its my life time ambition to do a short story with hellboy..( i asked for a lot!!!)

but keep writing.. i m reading too

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