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smart article about brainstorming..
this was really informative.
let me begin with a big salute to all your efforts and contributions to the world of animation.
im an artist/ illustrator/ character and story artist /animator from india...now working as a designer on a themepark project...

its always interesting to go back to those days of 2d disney days...
and the exercise you have noted down is very helpful.

i was teaching in an academy for about a year ( later on i stopped since i realized that the management was more keen to 'rob' the money from students and eventually i was hardly getting time to draw...so i quit)

i used to do these sessions called the 4 boxes - a name i gave myself ..

i called them who, when, where and how.
in the first box , i used to put random nameslike - the violet penguin, the young astronaut, the soldiers wife,etc.
in the 'where' box it was like - christmas eve, stormy desert, bankers cabin, castle of cards..
in the 'when' box it was like - tea time, rushing to buty the engagement ring...
in 'how box it was like - riding the firetruck, rolling over marbles..

so each student will have to pick up one from each and then construct a sentence.i used to sit with them and then ask them to construct a stor and then we used to develop the gags.
it was so painful to be part of a system where innocent kids were cheated by the animation.
i quit since i coldnt stand the audacity.

thank you once again for sharing the pitch of ;herculoids',, sheer bliss..ima big fan of ben caldwell and aj jothikumar too.
infact im an unlucky guy , since my old studio had shortlisted me to be sent to america to work with marvel series..this was the origin of wolverine.
but then there was no budget for sending a fourth artist..and the fourth unfortunate guy was me.

i know you are an extremely busy person..but it wil be a great pleasure to have you onboard my blog


pls feel free to write any comments/advice to me.they will be highly helpful for my future.

[email protected]

im a self taught artist and im still teaching myself.

if luck favours in a way that you like my work... pls let me know in any way that i can be associated with you.
its not for money ..but the pleasure of getting a chance to work with such great projects.

wishing you and all your team members a prosperous future.
pls do convey a 'hi' to jothikumar...really wanted to work with him.

yours sincerely,
manoj a menon

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