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I have both a tablet laptop and a Wacom tablet, and I definitely prefer the Wacom. I find it very awkward to draw directly on the screen of the laptop monitor, since it doesn't have the same feel as pencil-on-paper, and it leaves smudges.

The tablet can totally mess you up if you switch from a smaller sized one to bigger, but I find it so much easier for digital work. I have been using a tablet for nine years, doing all my sketches, inking, and colouring in Photoshop. It's so much easier to delete mistakes without leaving behind messy lines, and inking is a dream.

The consequence to this is that I have absolutely no real media experience. I basically started with digital media, so I can't navigate my way way around inks or markers to save my life. I think when it comes to the art business, it's beneficial to have a well-rounded knowledge of traditional and digital media.

Do you mean smudges on the screen? What kind of laptop tablet do you have?

It's a Gateway Tablet PC CX2724 (http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/showthread.php?t=3158). It's fairly outdated, I got it in 2006. I really like how the screen can flip around into a notebook, which isn't just good for drawing but for watching movies while traveling.

I usually just plug my tablet into the USB and draw through it that way, but I can use the pen that comes with the PC to draw directly on the screen too.

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