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September 12, 2010



Tad, sorry to hear about your wilderness years... curse of freelance, we all get them one way or another... but I had to say, I love Trade Snob and can relate all too well! The 'storm overload' was fantastic but my favourite part? Scrooge Mc Mike, just so cute!

Hope all is good,


Thanks, Duncan. Your collaboration with Mike has really been fantastic. And for the record, I've never had a problem with double dipping. I made a valiant attempt at trades but seeing your work in The Storm and knowing what a pivotal event it is... well, there was no fighting it.


Trade Snob. Nice comic... can't wait until the trade comes out... then I'll buy it.


This HAS to go into the next trade. Man that has to be one greedy guy, constantly putting out comics, each one more mind blowing than the last.
I for one hate buying the single issues then the trades knowing that Mr. Mignola is sleeping in a pile of my money laughing at my addiction.


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