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July 29, 2008



Aw MAN! Found this one way too late. I'll browse and relive the terror.

btw, your new page pic for your comic doesn't seem to work. can't view it. i'd love to see it, though!

Tad Stones

The good stuff is toward the beginning.

Can't help you with the pic. It works for me.


And once again, it appears I find an awesome series riiiiight as it's ending and/or just before it takes off proper. I've read through some of the older entries and it's been very interesting to see how everything was put together after watching the two animated features!

Aside from merchandise support, is there anything else fans can do to let whatever studios might be involved that we'd be *very* interested in seeing a third (or more!) Hellboy Animated film? Or even that utterly awesome if utterly unlikely animated series for Cartoon Network?


I guess the best chance for more Hellboy is to ask Cartoon Network if there's going to be a Hellboy series. If there's enough interest they might instigate something.


Just want to say, that it's a real honor to get to type this to you. I'm a big fan of you and your work. Especially the work you did in the late 80's, namely, Rescue Rangers.

I loved the live action Hellboy movie, but have not seen your animated films. I've heard they are very awesome and well done. When I get the extra money, I'll be sure to pick up the DVDs.

Thanks for all the awesome work you've done in the past, and I hope you are successful in all your future projects.




Too bad i did not find this site a month ago. Exactly what i needed.

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