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June 15, 2007



Well, I guess this is goodbye for now...Thank you for the wonderful films and I hope all projects for the future go well for you ( hopefully on of them is Hellboy Animated 3 ). Meanwhile I'll turn my attention over to the filming of HB 2: The Golden Army.



Blood and Iron exclusive at best buy was amazing. The movies were great, and I hope we get one more!!


Good luck with future productions! We bought a copy of B&I tonight!


I'm crossing my fingers for more Hellboy Animated movies, and hope this is only "goodbye for now"! You did a great job on the two HB movies.


Thanks for all of it, Tad.

See you soon!


Thanks for all of your work on the Hellboy animated movies. I've really enjoyed them, and the extremely high production values.

Thanks too, for taking such care in the production of the movies themselves.

Perhaps well see you at SDCC.

Rider Ankabut

Thank you for the two amazing animated features. Though I discovered them late I am glad I did.

I sincerely hope that there will be more Hellboy animated features like these and I hope others will follow your lead.

Thank you and good in your future endeavours.


My friend...thanks for all your hard work on the two animated features,they came out beautifully.I know that this was a dream project for you and hopefully sales of B & I continue that dream.This project could not have been in better hands.Thanks for the signing and sketch on Sat. I wish you all the best.as always!Take care and I hope to see and hear from you soon.

Dennis Woodyard

Hi Tad, hope this isn't truly the end of animated Hellboy projects. That would be a shame. You did a great job, thank for help bringing one of my favorite characters to animation life. I hope we see more of Tad Stone helmed projects in the near future. (Note to Starz: hold on to this guy. Don't him slip away like Disney did.) Please keep in touch. Best regards, Dennis J. Woodyard, Dragonfly Entertainment


Hope this isn't the end. B&I was EXCELLENT. I really hope to see Phantom Claw.

Good luck in your future endevours.


No Shadow of the Claw? Now I'm depressed. Thanks for the two features Tad. Hope to see more of your work soon.


Hellboy: Blood & Iron was woundeful. Thanks for the films and all you guys contributed to Mignola's universe. I hope The Phantom Claw gets made even if we have to wait till August 2008 when Hellboy 2 comes out. Thanks again.


I Hope that we do get to see the phantom claw eventually!
I'd like to see more of your stories of Hellboy as a kid whether they are animated or in comic form. I loved the addition to phantom limbs!


Thanks for this great blog, Tad. You did a wonderful job!! You are welcome over at the DelToroFilms.com message board anytime!!

steven davies

I want at least one more Hellboy animated film,and thank you for this one:)


wow this doesnt sound like your think there will be more?
Well i bought two copies Best Buy figure(unopened),and Circuit City bust-up.

Both movies are good , and second is a major step in right direction.
still dont like how liz and others look like there out of the jackie chan cartoon.
Also i prefer the blue flame for liz.
so good luck still hoping for more.


Way to go with the Emmy Nomination for SoS!

Lalaine Vergora Paras

Although I have only just bought and watched both DVD's, I wanted to thank members of the production team and voice artistes (including new addition Peri Gilpin) for their contribution to the project.

Both features were outstanding.

In the movie world, nothing stands still, and franchises can be revamped (consider Batman, Superman and even TMNT).

Contrary to any myth that Hellboy Animated is dead, lets hope that the 'Good Guys' will return in future.

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