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June 01, 2007



"Director's edition?"



I'll be there to support you guys...i cannot wait.


I found a copy of Blood & Iron for sale early...and must congratulate you on another terrific package. I'll probably buy another copy just to get the Best Buy exclusive. A bunch of friends watched it with me, some not necessarily Hellboy fans, and they all really loved it. Any updates on Blood & Iron merchandise for sale soon? More Bust-Ups hopefully? A Drake CD? Oh...and a Forry Ackerman style request for you: could you post a good pic of Erzsebet Ondrushko? She's my new fave horror villian and I can't find a pic of her anywhere! I'd love to see Sean's character design!
Thanks for everything,


Yay! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of blood and iron. I want the best buy one that comes with the figure!
And I just got Darkness calls #2.Poor Hellboy..its not his fault he's bi-racial.


Tomorrow is the day!

And, for those of you without a Best Buy near you, it appears the special edition with figure is available on their web site.



I got it! Well, technically I got it, but I have to wait until Father's Day.
My wife and daughters went to Best Buy this morning to get my Hellboy: Blood and Iron. (upon my request) Any of course to get it with the limited edition action figure.
A little side note, my wife found out that apparently each Best Buy only got 4 copies of the DVD/Action Figure combo.

bite mcrotch

I picked up 3 from Best Buy today... really amazing figure. It's heavy, it's detailed, it's a great fan boy exclusive all around. Circuit City's wasn't as cool, but if you can't find one from Best Buy, you should get one from Circuit City. The packaging is nearly identical to the Best Buy exclusive for Sword & Storms.


Just picked up my special edition copy of Blood and Iron with the figure....Its fantastic...the figure is great and comes with a stand. I can't wait to check out B&I tonight...
The mini-comic that also came with the DVD is really nice, and captures alot of the original Mignola feel that was in Hellboy but it looks like Hellboy animated.


Got the DVD/figure combo and it is FANtastic! Great promo. Thanks, Tad - I know you must have had a hand in this.

Wonder if it has sold out?


Great job my friend...everyone seems to be happy with the release of the dvd.


Time for a DVD review:
Its awesome. A hundred times better than the first one on all grounds I'm happy to say. It was nice and cinematic, and the flashbacks to Broom were great. The animation was better ( no ugly 3D integration ) and the palette was much darker and more mignola-esque than the first film. I particularly enjoyed the werewolf part and the story was interesting. I was still disapointed to see that some consistency would be lost now and again. Like Abe's cuts disapearing etc etc. But overall Blood and Iron was so great I overlooked that.
If there is a third one it will probably be perfect. And maybe if these get picked up enough, and the third one gets a go...There could be yet another film....
great job Tad and team!!!!


I bought a copy yesterday. I liked it, but wasn't that impressed. The plot seemed slow with lots of dialouge. I usually love plot and dialouge, but at many times it seemed like the animation wasn't synched up to the voices. In fact, most of my objections to the movie are from the animation. It was easy to see where many of the shortcuts were taken. I can imagine that the time and budget for a film like this isn't very substantial, but many times the animation shortcuts took me out of the film.

It didn't seem as technically well-done as Sword of Storms.


Picked it up the day it came out, with figure, great job GG, same to you Tad, great movie, i've got a bit of stomach ache and I won't be posting a review until I can think more clearly


yeah, got the best buy deal, figure is AWESOME!!

the movie is 100 times better that the first! i mean, hellboy didnt lost the coat in the first, so it wasnt much of a challenge, but the BPRD in this one get their behinds handed to them, the minotaur was bada55 and glad to see abe and hb fighting together and sidney leech was great, i actually liked that character, in the comics and here he was expanded, and agent clark too! he loos bada55 with the eyepatch! great movie, loved it! keep it up!
mike keaton for the voice of lobster!!!


I loved Blood & Iron!

Great way to feed my Hellboy addiction, and I didn't notice problems with voice & animation being out of synch, nor did I notice shortcuts. (I also thought Abe's cuts simply healed over the course of the night.... he doesn't need a long time to heal like humans do, right?) I liked the ending on this movie better, and I thought the bad guys were more thought out as characters too.

Oh my, and the brief shot of Hellboy as a kid, wagging his tail? Soooo cute!

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