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May 04, 2007



count me in for at least two copies...and i'll see you,Mike and the crew at Dark Delicacies:)



Since CHUD has already reported that the THIRD animated Hellboy movie would be out on DVD to coincide with the HB2 movie's release next year, you better get moving Tad! ;)

Obviously they are now reporting my dreams.


Uh...ditto on the two copies that is. I'll have to order my signed copy from DD (if they have that offer again).


I know that it won't be very helpful, but I will contribute when the dvd will be also available on my country ;P


I would like to know if these DVDs will be released in zone 2 and if any translation is planned (I'm french)...


Got my copy pre-ordered on Play.Com already. :)

If it means I'll get to see Lobster Johnson, I'll be be... "encouraging" my friends to do likewise. Usuaully by the application of a big stick.


I'm so excited to get my copy of Blood and Iron. I agree, it was a stronger film than Sword of Storms, but I still love all Hellboy animated. Good luck getting the green light on The Phantom Claw. I promise to do my part.


I'm still waiting Sword of Storms. In Italy it will be released on june 25.... :(


Hey, this is the uberfan in your t-shirt gallery. I also made it to the signing in burbank. I just registered for comic con and i would like to know if i can look forward to planning around a panel on any of the hellboy animations.

Tad Stones

Hey there, Ubby.

There's no panel scheduled yet. I'll ask. Even if there's no update on #3... or a depressing one, people may want to ask questions of the first two movies.

phil good

Hey, I'm doing my part, telling cynical schlubs I know about Hellboy comics, movie(s!), and newly animated whatnot. I want more!!!

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