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May 10, 2007



great !...Too bad Im not in the U.S
Im still itching to see blood and iron . Its so frustrating to have to wait so long and at the same time i cant even check out the ones that aired on TV because I dont have cable :(

Good thing I got the comics to keep me entertained in the meantime.

still keeping fingers crossed for Phantom Claw


Feel for you, hb. But your salvation is drawing nigh.

I don't know which promo to go with. I will have to wait and see what Best Buy comes up with.


I'm in for the Bestbuy exclusive and whatever retailer has the LoJo magnet.Yes, I buy 2 copies and pass on the other to my buddy.like I did last time,Now he's hooked on Hellboy...cool thing is...the animated movies are what got him interested...the circle just gets bigger and bigger.Thanks Tad!


Question...will this dvd have the random Mignola sketches?


An LJ magnet? I'm in! Not that I wouldn't be anyway. Everyone needs to buy at least two of the DVDs (give one to a friend) so the third one can be made!

I have a Randy Bowen sculpted HB fridge magnet and he needs a buddy to hang out with.


Well, Best Buy it is then! Thanks for the update, Tad.


aha...you let the cat out of the bag with the Bestbuy exclusive....yeah I am so getting one of my copies from ther or maybe two ,so my son can have one.


ahhh. That hellboy looks super sweet. Love to have a Abe version as well...wonder what THAT will look like


I imagine it will look something like this:


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