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May 18, 2007


Alain N.

Congratulations with your newborn granddaughter, Tad!

Ray Jones

Congradulations! As a grandparent myself, I know you are proud and excited. Now come the trips to the bookstore and the toystores....

Mat A.

Congrats Tad, here's to many more hopefully :)


That's great, Tad. A new grandchild to cherish. Congrats! I know she will be schooled in the finer animation DVDs.

The figure (smoking or not) looks great. I will have to be at BB at opening in hopes to score one...or two!

Orrin Grey



congratulations!!! Im sure you'll have tons of fun taking her out for stroller walks later and being asked if your the father or not....haha

As for the HB combo, hope its the same in Canada! Theres best buys but they are few and far between...Fingers crossed

Vic Cook

Tad, Congratulations!


Congratulations my friend!!I wish you and your family all the best.

Geoffrey Long


Helen Chavez

Sincerest congratulations, my friend!!! Being a grandparent means you can always give 'em back at the end of the day! Enjoy her, dear heart, and I know you'll have her well-trained in the art of animation before she can walk.

Oh, and my DVD is already on order!



Best good wishes, Grandpa.
Congrats to the mom and dad of your granddaughter.
Hope all is well and everyone of you is healthy and happy.

Super Duper Pooper Scooper

How come HMV has the same exact exclusive?

Tad Stones

HMV? Dunno. Maybe they're in different areas or have the same parent company. Best Buy has the cigar head, maybe HMV has the normal head.

I accept it as good news that the figure will be more widely available to fans.

Geoffrey Long

"Extremely limited" indeed; I apparently picked up the only one the Cambridgeside Galleria mall Best Buy had here near MIT, where I'm guessing there are a few Hellboy fans still hanging around campus. The cigar head is pretty slick!

jeff hotchkiss

Like Geoffrey Long above, I seem to have scored the only one at the Best Buy in State College, PA. Looks pretty awesome! And I got it for just $17.99.


I bought one of the two action figure bundles that were on the shelf in Sacramento, CA. I was in the store before 10:15 this morning too. Hope everyone that wanted one got one. I had no idea it was going to be so detailed , I figured it was going to be a cheesy rubber/plastic statue. This was an amazing deal, and a cool get for Hellboy fans. Hope you guys get to make the third movie, and a fourth, fifth and sixth. Thanks again.


just got mine in uk first thing this morning. well pleased, can't stop playing

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