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April 16, 2007



i love kirby dots!!!


Interesting article you reference on wikipedia concerning vril, Tad. Some great fodder for the imagination and use in the Hellboy mythos. I like your use of the "kirby-dots" to define the shape of the vril energy, not the dots themselves (if I understand right). It would certainly look cool and unlike anything else I've seen. Problematic? Sure, but all the good stuff is.

Keep it coming. This looks to be the best one yet!


nice. I dig the idea mignola suggested of the symbols appearing momentarily and fading off .....I just hope theres nowhere near as many flashy lights as there were in Sword of Storms...stung my eyes a bit at times witht the strobing.


Hey Tad,

I don't have your e-mail, so I'm going through public means... I just noticed that when you search for our book (ahem... plug) "Liar of Kudzu" on Amazon tonight, it pairs it with Sword of Storms as a "buy with." I have no idea why. Then again, many things are mysterious on Amazon. No doubt by the time you check, it will be paired with something else, equally inexplicably. Interstingly, they've never paired it with any Kim Possible stuff, which would actually make sense. Oh well, we'll take the curious Mignola fan any day!

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