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March 12, 2007



These sketches and the accompanying info sounds very promising. I do not like the second picture because of the swastika though. What's up with that btw?


Nazi's I assume.

Glad to hear Lobster will be true to his pulp roots. I am really looking forward to this miniseries as I love many of the pulp heroes.

A sticker? I didn't think it was a sticker.


Those black and white images are from the Lobster Johnson mini-series. The Lobster fought the Nazis in WW2. I believe the mini-series is set in war time.


I got killed once, and when I came back from the dead, there was a glittery Hello Kitty sticker on my forehead.

Still don't know what that was all about.


A.N theres swatikas in both of them, and thats because those dudes are nazis. unfortunately, swatikas go hand in hand with nazis, And Hellboy goes fist to head with nazis. so it works out.

Those illustrations are absolutely drop dead gorgeous. I don't know if you've noticed Tad. Id assume you have. But I think Mikes art is getting much more beautiful and illustrative. The BPRD garden of souls covers are stunning. And these LobJohn ones will be a great addition.
cant wait for the ART OF HELLBOY volume II


"fist to head..." LMAO

And yes, those illustrations are spot on. So damn good that it would be a wonderful idea for Mike to print one of them up for a nice print at SDCC this year (HINT HINT!). Even better if they aren't colored; the black and white gives the pictures a great stark look that works well with the subject matter.

And I looked up the Spider lighter (later turned to a mechanical pencil) stickering. It mentions him branding the criminals with it so I don't think it was a sticker, more along the lines of what LJ does I think.

All I can say is episode three BETTER get green-lit or some more "fist to head" action will ensue!


Tad, people, I wasn't familiar with the Lobster Johnson mini-series and the fact that The Lobster fought the Nazis in WW2. Thanks for clearing that out.

And I agree: this art is drop dead gorgeous indeed.

J Pody



Anthony Schiavino

Great post. I feel pretty much the same way about pulp. So much so I've published a book line called Episodes from the Zero Hour! and it stars a certain Tough Guy for Hire Tommy "Knuckles" McNichols. Details are at the website link or a simple Google search. This post isn't meant to be spam. Just glad there's another creator(s) out there that feels the same way.

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