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March 09, 2007



super super excited, hope this thing gets the green.
I want to see lobster Jhonson burn a claw into someones forehead.
Comics-wise...Conqueror worm is my favorite. What with the Poe bit at the beginning, and the whole roger/ Hellboy relationship tightening + the monkey and floating head it made for a perfect addition to the series. And in the animation world, episodes or series tend to get better with age...if the 3rd animated Hellboy has any of those elements..its got to be good. The third one might just be the best yet. cross your fingers everyone!


Cannot wait Tad!!!Thanks for the hard work and all the updates!

David L.

I'm going to say it right now: Clancy Brown for the voice of Lobster Johnson. You know it's right.

Justin M.



OOOOO, you know who would make an awesome voice over for Lobster Johnson? BRUCE CAMPBELL! hehehe

Jay L.

If we're tossing around geek icon voice actors, then I throw out Adam Baldwin's. He's not only Jayne Cobb, he's also the new voice of the animated Superman.


Splendid news.

Let's hope that all the Hellfans went out and bought up those dvds so that we can have some more animated Hellboy to enjoy.

Looking forward to the 17th!


MICHAEL KEATON! would be great as the voice of lobster J. and he's born to play something in mignola world, he's quirky enough and his batman was quirky and dark, the 2 elements the lobster NEEDS.



Hmm a new villain out of the comics that Mike is very excited about it plus its related to the conqueror worm could it be
Herman von Klempt?


Von Klempt is in it but I was talking about a NEW character that Mike may design.


Just finished watching Blood and Iron...Fantastic stuff! I loved sword of storms and the second installment was right on the money. Your team's careful weaving of the elements of the Hellboy universe into new material is such a pleasure to experience. Can't wait to see how the Phantom Claw stacks up!

John F. MacMichael

I look forward eagerly to "The Phantom Claw."

Loud applause for "Blood and Iron". Excellent work, nice balance of original elements and ones from the comics.

One small gripe: I only found out that it was being shown by accident and on the day that it was aired. Tell those clowns at Cartoon Network to do a better job of letting their audience know what is coming up.


i loved em both, but i found both of them on accident. i was flipping threw the channels and came upon sword of storms as it was beggining. then i saw blood and iron as i was checking the guide, so i put a reminder for it. i was worried i might have missed some. but i guess not. cant wait for "phantom claw" good luck


John Waters as Lobster Johnson!

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