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March 15, 2007



Nice insight into your head, Tad :-) Very interesting indeed.


Wow! Kudos to you my friend.I have a newfound respect for your talent.I mean more than before.Who knew...i thought that there were some fairy-like creatures that did all that work and the animation gremlins did all the grunt work.Once again,Hellboy animated is in great hands!


I really love the insight you share with us about working on these projects, Tad. I've enjoyed it from the start and am glad to see some of the "nuts'n'bolts" stuff reappear. After Blood and Iron debuts I will be anxious to read your feedback on what you thought of it compared to Sword of Storms. I know I will be enjoying it and can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

Jay L.

Okay, my opinion isn't even remotely important, but wouldn't the title work better as Hellboy and The Phantom Claw? It just feels like it should be one of 'those' types of titles.

Tad Stones

Funny. That was, literally, a line in the post. Yes, the "and" feels more Universal Monster movie and pulpish to me. We may make the switch.


I dig the Hellboy 'and' It does def feel more pulpish, plus no one wants to be mislead into thinking the whole thing is based solely on Lobster Jhonson, although Im SURE fans would love something like that.

As for your creative process, its definetely interesting and insightful. And I dig the fact that you do up little sketches.

On a side note as a gift i got all those little Hellboy animated mini-bust ups from GentleGiant....and I cant wait to open them....and make that giant skeleton..

Judging from the second blood and iron trailer, those bust-ups will be even better.

jeff hotchkiss

Thanks for the post. That's really interesting reading. And I liked the progression of the scene pics.


hey...I mentioned earlier I got the mini HB animated busts as a gift...and I just wanted to say, now that they are all put together and sitting atop my shelf...Bravo.
wow. They were all tons of fun to put together and they look fantastic( minimalist on detail but still super sweet ). The giant skeleton is particularly cool. very anatomically correct and badass looking...
If the sales of HB animated related products encourages the 3rd film to be made I suggest every one buy some!

Jay L.

"Funny. That was, literally, a line in the post."

Hmm... must've missed it, but I'll apologize for coming off as being sarcastic. I was actually going for honest, and it came off as snarky. I'm enjoying the blog, as it's really got me close to getting over what feels like chronic writer's block.


No, no, no. I was the one who was unclear. I meant I had written that line in the post but edited it out.

Didn't read it as sarcastic at all.

It may be that we do change it.


Just finished watching blood and iron. I enjoyed it more than the first animated movie. Congrats Tad. I'm a big fan of your work by the way.


Just watched Blood & Iron. Bravo, sir. A bloody masterpiece, quite literally at times! And so unexpectedly scary! You've really raised the bar. All the Hammer/Bava/Corman references, intentional or not, were sinfully delicious. I couldn't be happier, really. I cannot wait for the DVD!

Jay L.

I'm jealous of the two of you, I'm probably not going to be able to see it until the DVD release. I saw the extended trailer the other day, and man... wow.

Chris Stones

Hey Dad, I read the post. Very cool. I've been writing little scripts lately, and I was noting the BRACKETS on the script page. I kind of see what they are for but I don't know 'exactly' what they are for. Are they are standard feature of scripts? (This note post strips html characters, go figure) or I would have put BRACKETS in brackets


Tad! Amazing job on Blood and Iron! I had chills and thrills watching it and cheering on for our heroes! I almost fell out of my chair at the very end with good ol' Lobster shooting away at the screen! I can't wait for the Phantom Claw now!!!
And the ending with the Proffesor and HEllboy was a nice touch as well. I loved every aspect of this one! Take care, keep making more kick ass hellboy movies, and we fans will keep on watching!
ANung-Un-Rama speed!




ahhhh! LB is in it?! As always I'm going to have to wait and wait until the DVD release...good thing Mignola and Company are releasing tons of comic entertainment in the meantime.....including the release of the duncan fegredo 'Darkness Calls'...made to look and feel mignola, but still not quite MIgnola.


Thanks for all the kind words, folks. They are much appreciated.


I am a highschool student looking to pursue a career scriptwriting for the animation industry. Your account was very insightful. Thanks!


Another great one. Really enjoyed it as I could see how Tad and Co tightened in their plotting and pacing to make an even better presented story on the second go round. Some very nice character moments. And I love the opening sewer sequence!

Thanks Tad for all your hard work. It really shows in the details.

I am sad that number 3 isn't even green lit yet as that means a longer wait for the third one as the second one was well under way when we saw the first. But, I am sure it will get made and will be worth the wait. Bring it!


I LOVE Hellboy Blood and Iron! Fantastic job! Don't get me wrong, I love anything Hellboy, but Blood and Iron, is by far your best work. I was also suprised at how dark and scary it was. I can not wait for the DVD. Keep us the Good Work.


Tad!What can i say...Blood and Iron was great !Everything about it was kicked up a notch in quality.Fantastic job my friend.Thanks for everything.


I missed it. I bloody well missed it. Are they showing it again? If so, any idea when? CN's website is an unintelligible morass of nonsense.

Play Woman

I LOVED reading about your process.
I've always known you were brilliant, but the more you reveal about the way you work, the greater is my awe.

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Three phrases should be among the most common in our daily usage. They are: Thank you, I am grateful and I appreciate.

Steven Barnes

Tad! I just saw your name on a "Buzz Lightyear" my son was watching. You may not remember me, but many years ago you gave me my first work in Hollywood, adapting the Stanislaw Lem short story "The Test" for a Disney SF anthology show. Lotta water under the bridge since then, but just wanted to say "Hi" and thank you for your kindness to a young writer. Drop me a line sometime--love to take you to dinner.

Best wishes,
Steven Barnes

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