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March 21, 2007



Oh yes. Von Klempt being the practical, rational (For a given value...) Nazi head in a jar using his resources for supervillainy sounds like a nice foil to Rasputins genocidal plans for the future. Could be fun to watch.

Since we're getting Zinco, will we be getting Mr. Pope? You can never have enough lunatic Nazi/Neo Nazis for the Lobster to inflict some justice upon. Some HARSH justice.


well....all i can say is.
I hope hope hope hope hope hope its green lit.


Cool stuff. I'm really enjoying this inside view of the process. How did Blood & Iron do, ratings wise? I'd love to hear about potential extras for the DVD... perhaps documentary featurettes on Elizabeth Bathory and about Hecate in real mythology? Or about the horror movie connections?


Sounds like the story is in its final pahses simply awaiting final approval to start production.

How long before you know if it will get the "nod," Tad?


I hope that Von Klempt has a good voice actor and good dialougue. He is one of my favorate Hellboy villans and I've seen too many comic book characters ruined in the animated adaption by cheezy banter and vague motivations.


This sounds great!Why hasn't this been greenlit yet?Are the numbers in for either or both of animated movies?Keep up the great job!

Justin M.

Hot damn! That drawing of the Hellboy villians has to be one of the nicest peices of Mignola's art I've seen in a long time. Not to say that his recent batch of covers for Garden of Souls and Darkness Calls are not also beautiful.


I was just thinking today about how we now have one movie already on DVD, another movie broadcast, and a possible exciting third one in the works.

And yet, when I registered at the GoToHellboy.com site back when it went live I have never recieved a single email announcing an update or any information what so ever. Makes me very glad that Tad is running this production diary to keep us all informed.


it seems that the mignola piece up is a combination of diff drawings...that gorilla and vonklempt are most definetely from the packaging art for the comicbook based figures by mezco.

As for anyone who is hardcore mignola, I picked up :


Its great, old school mignola stuff, and alot of the little ideas or designs you can notice hes drawn out of this particularly long comic and inserted into the Hellboy universe. Should hold you over until Darkness Call, to be released end of april

Rory Baxter

Although seeing and hearing bits about Hellboy being animated I've only just found this site.

I hope it stays around for a while, it is a great production diary and the work speaks for itself.

Thanks Tad.


Welcome, Rory! Go back and read the archives - some really great info there, especially about the nuts and bolts of bringing these to completion. Tad has provided some wonderful insights.


I know Tad has been on a much deserved vacation but I am anxious to hear how Blood and Iron did. I am also curious what great extras he has lined up for us on the DVD release. PLUS...any movement on the green light for third movie.

Yeah...it's a quiet life and I check this site way too often!

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