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February 13, 2007



Sweet! Right up there with "Pelts!"

Glad the first week sales are going well. Keep working on number three, I've got a good feeling.


if there were a tower records left,i'm sure that they would have done the same thing!!!


Hey Tad,

We got the DVD! Nice job. Jack is nine now and a big Hellboy fan. He can't wait for the next one.

Let's have lunch one of these days.

Marc Deering

Just wanted to drop you a line about the DVD. It's awesome. I love how much EXTRA stuff you guys jam-packed into it to make it, honestly, the best buy I've gotten in a DVD in a loooooong time. The extra's, the comics, it's all awesome. Keep up the great work and can't wait for the next one!

Toren Atkinson

I bought one for myself and the girlfriend bought one for me with the Seed minicomic attached. I gave one to my roomie. I was pleased and I hope the next is even better!

Toren Atkinson

ps - on the next DVD please make the root menu load up faster! Thanks

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