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February 11, 2007



Great! Thanks for making the time, Tad. I know it meant a lot to all the folks showing up.

That's 147 by my count so far. enough to greenlight the third one?


Hey Tad!!It was fun hanging out thanks for everything..it was a cool event.any chance of another signing for "Blood and Iron"?


Darn!!!I should of asked for a Tad sketch..ARRRG!


hey, just bought the DVD it is AWESOME, i felt like a baby, you sure know how to deal with fans, i LOVE the digest size seed of destruction comic they gave me, and the 32 pge comic phantom limbs, but i was upset when i went to another store and saw that they were selling the dvd with a digest size of THE BLACK WEDDING!!!! MAN I WANT IT! I'LL HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER DVD.....

i anjoyed the movie with my mom, and she's already a hellboy fan! she;s a literature teacher and liked the movie and the cartoon very much! anyway, thank you for doing this, we fans appreciatte it.

greetings from mexico!


abraham...The Black Wedding IS digest size anyway. So if you get it on its own it will be the same. SO no need to buy a second DVD...but you can if you want and Tad certainly won't complain!


Please tell me #3 will have Nazis and Lobster Johnson in it, like The Conqueror Worm.

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