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February 20, 2007



ahhhhh...I need plane tickets!
If any one goes, let us know how the movie went. I'm sure it'll be great.


wooooow, talk about cool

well, anyone who goes to new york, tell us how it went!


Tell me your going to release teaser clips for those of us who can't make it to Comic-Con.


Very cool.

Can't wait to read the comments from those lucky enough to see it.

Adam Modiano

I just got back from the con and i'd like to be the first here to say that the movie was great! It was such a tremendous pay off to see the fruits of all that i've been reading about these last few months. and that teaser at the end.... well, i don't know how much i can say, though i'm sure it'll be all over the internet in no time anyway. at the very least, i can say i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

(by the wat, i have to ask, is this the FINAL final edit? i didn't want to be a wet blanket at the screening, but i noticed that Hellboy's big shoulder wound disappears for one small scene during the big showdown. i'm sure most people were too caught up in the action to notice, but i used to have to check for little continuity issues like that on my last job, so now i'm just naturally on the lookout for reasons to violently yank me from my viewing experience.

regardless, the movie was a lot of fun and looked great! i'll be wearing my new tshirt proudly.


well..cause of the rapidity in which these things need to be cranked out sometimes they miss stuff like that.
Unfortunately Sword of Storms has quite a few, like Kate's gloves dispearing while shes holding the scroll. Or the disintegration of the heads statue, then it reappearing when the possesed professor knocks it away with the spiderlady statue.
So, I wouldnt be suprised if that turned up on the the final.
Still cant wait to see it, and definetely looking forward to this...'teaser'


Yeah, GREAT! MORE mystery and suspense!

Thanks for the thumbs up, Adam. I can't wait to catch this on Cartoon Network when it airs.

Nice review of SoS DVD on CHUD


It is a first class DVD. You can tell it is a labor of love in all the care and extras that were put on it. Made with an eye for the fan by fans!

Tad Stones

Sadly, the disappearing wound is in the final cut along with a seemingly zillion examples of "HOW DID WE MISS THAT?" That's what happens in fast productions.

I take solace in the fact that Bambi and Dumbo are filled with them too.

The con was fun. I'll update soon.


anybody purchase the
screw on head dvd?
as amazing as the pilot is. I dont think its worth the 20 or so buck if its just the pilot....

abraham sanchez gonzalez

yeah i bought the screw on head dvd, but it cost me 9.99 at walmart, get it there is less expensive than suncoast (there, this sucker's at 14.99, def not worth it, for that kind of money you can get sword of storms!)


Thanks Abe. Good to know. PLUS
Anyone else want to comment on the Blood and Iron, slightly more in depth?
How was Broom? Was Leech cool? Is this film better than the first?


ARRRRRRRGH! Why was the Blood and Iron DVD delayed?? It was advertised as coming out TODAY (May 8th)...I survived an awful day at work, 'cause I knew life would be better tonight when I got home and could see it...sob...

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