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February 03, 2007



Wish I could be there, Tad. I am sure there will be a rousing crowd of supporters all with a SoS DVD clenched in hand. Already pre-purchased mine. Got my friend to preorder one. And I'll keep hyping it from there.

Here's to number 3!

Kim Larsen

And I'm off to order/preorder the damn thing!!! ;)


Be sure to lend some 'Hellboy Haiku' to our Sword of Storms DVD contest at Comics2Film...


tuesday tuesday tuesday tuesday...!!!


I specifically bought a region one dvd player so that I could buy and watch the animated Hellboy DVD's. Eagerly anticipating the release.


Hey Tad I'm gonna try and catch Mike at dvd planet (1 dvd purchase)and my son wants the bust-ups from the bestbuy copy(2 dvd purchased) and dark del (3dvd)thanks goodness I got gift cards for x-mas!!!


whuts this about getting a bust up with a best buy copy?...tell me more


I think Gary is talking about http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8201876&st=hellboy&type=product&id=1617605
Not much information, but the picture looks promising.

My first post:
Tad you are doing a fantastic job, and I love reading this blog. Keep up the good work.


thanks jeremy....yeah well i picked up my helboy animated today without the figurines unfortunately.

I have to say. Tad you have done an excellent job. The DVD is chalk full of stuff. After seeing the behind the scenes stuff, I have a whole lot of new respect for everyone involved in the creation of the film.

I particularly ( being an artist myslef ) really found Cheeks character designs, and all the flashes of storyboards or background layouts/paintings + model sheets and props extremely interesting.
I have been wondering if at some point, maybe if a third film is made possible...A production/art of Hellboy animated might be released. Taking HB Mike Mignola comics and converting it is never an easy thing. A collection of artworks from the production would be great.

Congrats again on a job well done. It is a great DVD

I've got an upcoming school project which requires us to do a turnaround of an animated character...I've chosen to do Hellboy. Is there any chance of getting reference ( copyrighted of course ) model sheets from you Tad? It'd be a great help . thnks


Just got my copy, and watched it. What's up with the fox that occasionally appears on screen? I assume it represents some kind of special feature, but what, and how do I access it?

Tad Stones

There should be an option that let's you turn it off. If you click on the fox it will take you to some of the extra features. Those extras are also available on the menu under "Hellboy Goes East."


Hey Tad,

Great to hear that you're pushing this really hard and I'd love for there to be a 3rd Hellboy animated movie. I wish I could be there for the NYCC since I was at SDCC and was in the audience for the Sword of Storms panel.

At any rate, here's a strange question, do you know of any problems with the CC on the DVDs for Sword of Storms. I saw this post over on the IMDb messageboards:

"This may not seem like a big deal, but for those of us who depend on Closed-Captioning (CC) to watch movies, this IS an important issue. Today I rented "Hellboy Swords of Storm" because I wanted to see it and also because the back of the DVD box clearly shows the CC logo - indicating that this movie is Closed Captioned. Well, it isn't. To have the CC logo on this movie is completely misleading as well as fraudulent. How could Starz Home Entertainment get away with this? Obviously the company simply could not care less when it comes to customers who are hearing impaired. I'm only thankful that I didn't BUY this video.
Thanks for letting me get this off my chest."

I thought you'd like to know if there is a problem.

Thanks for making these movies happen,


Tad Stones

Anchor Bay puts Closed Captions on all their releases. I inquired and was told:

The disc was checked with Power DVD on a PC, The Mac DVD player, and
several set top players here. CC functioned properly in every case.

In addition CC was verified during our in house QC, and 3rd party QC. (QC is "Quality Control")

I watched it on my Mac. There is no CC option in the menu but I turned it on in the player controls.


I got mine! I think that the Mignola interview is one of the best I've ever seen.

Great job!

Byron Dunbar

Hi there. I heard that one of the reasons that this film was animated in a non-Mignola style was because it infringed some kind of copyright agreement. This confused me, since I didn't think that anyone could legally own a particular style of drawing. Is there any truth to this? Thanks!


Look back to the first month of archives of this blog; it's covered in lots of detail.

I encourage everyone to start at the beginning. The blog was much more interesting then. I'm just treading water now.

But in a nutshell: it was part of the deal that the show NOT look like the comic Hellboy. I assume it's because of merchandising. If you put out a poster of the animated Hellboy and it looks exactly like the comic Hellboy, who has the rights?

More than that, Mike wanted a different look to the movies.


Awaiting the results with fingers crossed. Bought my two copies and got my friend to pick one up. So I know it has sold at least THREE! copies. Is that enough for a greenlight on the third movie?

Ok...got carried away there. But I am anxious to hear how the first week went. And I hope the signing went well today. I know there is a copy winging its way to me soon!


I bought the DVD after work on Tuesday and watched it immediately with a pal (since I was unable to watch it on Cartoon Network).


I work at a certain large bookstore that sells DVD's, and the movie has sold fairly well this week. Here's hoping you get to keep making them!


Byron Dunbar...Have you checked out the Amazing Screw on Head pilot episode? It was released on DVD. And it is a rare gem considering it is probably the closest your going to get to seeing his style animated. Mike emphasized many times that he just felt plain uncomfortable having another medium reflect his style so closely, because he's really the only one that can do it. And its true, as cool as the screwonhead cartoon may look, there are some parts that are definetely not Mike Mignola.

BTW Tad...I guess its a no-go on the model sheets? I wasn't going to get my hopes to high anyways.

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