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February 27, 2007



Hi Tad, is it possible to set up an email interview? I write for www.angrygamernet.com and am a big Hellboy fan. I met you on Sunday at the Comic Con and you signed my poster. I'm writing an article on Hellboy Animated and would love to include your interview.


D'oh! At first I thought the pic for this post was pages from the forth coming, as yet unannounced, Animated Hellboy production book (sweeeet!). Then I recognized them as previous entries. Still interesting reading for those just joining the Animated Hellboy juggernaut.

Karl Ruben

Where would be the best place to send some semi-lengthy feedback on the "SoS" DVD? Couldn't find an e-mail address on this page.

Tad Stones

I guess you can just click on my name below and I'll forward it to the appropriate people.


Blood and Iron on DVD 8th of May? I know what i'll be getting the next day for my birthday then.


Well this guy liked the movie:


Meanwhile, the DVD release date has been pushed back to June 12 for more retail support.

Whatever that means.


June 12th?!

SON OF A.....

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