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January 28, 2007


Karl Ruben

Nice, can't wait for that DVD to land in my mailbox. Though my enthusiasm is slightly dampened by the fact that Peri Gilpin looks eerily like Celine Dion in that picture. Just sayin'.



Yes, counting the days untilit arrives here. Will have to devote a day to get through it all.

Thanks for the tireless devotion, Tad. It makes a big difference.


just like the first time I saw mignola....scott allie adn dave stewart look nothing like I thought they would. Countin down the days till i have it in my hands....gonna try to spread the word as much as possible once its out


Peri Gilpin looks like CELINE DION? Nay, sir! I will have to duel you over that, for Peri's honor.

Pistols at dawn! Or coconut cream pies at dusk! Or FIM-92 Stinger surface-to-air missile launchers at about 4:15 pm Pacific Standard Time! Whatever works for you.


I was already going to get this, but man, now I'm REALLY going to get it. Get it good! Can't wait for the next animated (and liveaction) movie either.


Here's some Hellboy Haiku, part of Comics2Film's Sword of Storms contest...



yep. So I bought and checked out the Hellboy black wedding comic today. The art for the first story seemed a bit rushed, with some pages being pretty tight and well done, and others pretty sloppy. Writing saved that one. The whole Hb junior/lobster jhonson thing was great and cute in the second story though. Def check it out if you guys or gals are in your local comic shop. It's not top quality but it's worth the 8 bucks. 5 more days till HB animated release!!!!start the countdown


LOL in all honesty Tad. I got my Hellboy Sword of the storms three days ago! It was released early in one of my local stores. I've only seen a bit of it. But you my friend have stayed true to the Hellboy world! Wonderful work!


Back when Tad’s early work was released, he had to ride from town to town (on a horse, if the marketing budget allowed – if not, he just carried two coconut halves and banged them together) crying out “HEAR YE! HEAR YE! COME SEE DARKWING DUCK!”

Sometimes the townspeople would fire muskets at at him, thinking he was a British redcoat.

Thank heavens for the Internet.

Karl Ruben

Sparky: pies at midnight works best for me.


WOW, Mr. Del Toro loks really diffrent , in a good way of course, cant wait for the DVD to hit UK shops.

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