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January 23, 2007



I am looking forward to the extras on Sword of Storms and, oddly, the commentary track as well. I normally don't get too excited about those but I think this one will be special. And now another one to anticipate for some time in the future.

And a round of applause for Guillermo and his Oscar Nom for Pan's Labyrinth!


oops...sorry..."nomS," plural! ;)


I am going to open a Mexican restaurant called "The Questionable Burrito".

Or just make it the name of my next mystery novel.

Tad Stones

That would be fantastic. I have to admit I'm a big fan of your novels, "Obtuse Omlettes" and "Suspect Chili."

Karl Ruben

I guess this is my first comment, so I'll start by saying how much I've enjoyed this blog. The posts where you went into the background research you've done was really great, getting an insight into the literature both Mr. Mignola and yourself used as inspirations for the character and the series was a treat. More of that, please!

But the real reason I'm chiming in is to remind you to post the link to the nice interview with you over at Newsarama. Keep up the good work, I've already preordered the DVD.



Iron-Man turned out pretty solid. It's the best of the Marvel straight to DVD animated features.

Can't wait for the HB DVD though. I'm jonzing for some Mignola/Stones commentary.


Ahhh..So close yet so far. Lookin forward to both Mike and your insights on the DVD. Hope we see some pre viz stuff too

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