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January 12, 2007



I hope so too, Tad!

Since you have done pan and scan versions of both movies does that mean that Cartoon Network will be airing the movies even after the DVDs are out or that they may, at some point, be shown on other networks? Maybe this info hasn't been hammered out yet.

Anyway, good luck with number 3 and whatever project you are moving on to next. Really appreciate all the hard work and dedication you put into bringing our favorite big red demon to life on the animated screen.


Im guessing Canada is going to have to wait until late january to expect even one airing of sword of storms?
Or none at all? Or did I miss it?
Just wondering if you know the status on the north american airtimes and stations.
Feb 6th is approaching slowly, but Im ready adn eager.


I can't wait for Feb 6th! I havea friend here in Canada with a US dish so I was able to catch the last 20 mins of Sword of Storms... LOVED IT!!! I also was at the Canadian Fan Expo back last Sept, and SO wanted to steal the DVD playing at the booth. Sword of Storms has made me relive all of my Hellboy obsession all over again... and with the new movie comming out next year, I'm all giddy with excitement.


Sorry just one more comment. Any chance of Hellboy being aired on a Canadian station like Teletoon or YTV. I live less than an hour from Toronto and gradtuated from Mohawk college in the Television Production and Communications program. I'd be more than happy to help you if you want to have it aired up here. Please e-mail me if you have a chance and want to discuss this further. shdwstrm@hotmail.com


The movies have been purchased for Canadian broadcast. There were at least two major broadcasters that wanted the programs. I don't know who ultimately got it. When they will be broadcast is anyone's guess. Try contacting Teletoons.


Heya Tad!

I contacted Teletoon, and hopefully I'll hear from them soon. When I do, I'll put the word out on the boards for the Canadian fans to support the series and get it aired up here ASAP.

Man I wish I could be at the DVD signing on Feb 10th. (too much money for a flight.. god I hate my Wal-Mart job)

Kepp up the Rockin work, and take care of yourself


Already preordered Hellboy from Amazon, as you suggested, Tad. Can't wait to see Blood and Iron. Keep up the good work.


Hey! Any Torontonians! It's your lucky day! The beguiling, a popular cramped and diverse comic store will be showing SoS at the Bloor cinema tomorow....wednsday at 7:30
All you have to do is show up and get a free pass and poster!!!
starz cinema + anchorbay are to thank I believe.

Oh and P.S the passes are limited to 60. and they are for two people. SO bring a friend!!!

I'm super excited! Not only am I finally going to see SoS...But it's also going to be on the big screen!

Tad Stones

Well I hope you enjoy it. Seeing it without commercials is a major plus. But it was never made for the big screen so I hope it holds up.


yeah. i think ill just sit far back. Either way it'll be great. no doubt.


hb....That is great!!!
Your patience has paid really paid off.
That is just so cool. Really made my day! Make sure you check in afterwards and let us know what you thought.

I hope some others get to go.


Thanks Kirk! Its true the patience has paid off...and in a big way. Well, I went and saw it in the theater. Fantastic experience.--They gave out free posters, hb animated t-shirts and cell phone clips before the show, and it was essentially packed theater. Tad you'll be glad to know that the humour aspect of HB animated paid off..People throughout the entire film would laugh aloud. The humour was great. On other levels however it didn't quite meet expectations both for myself adn what I heard from other people. The main disapointment was the visuals. It seemed as if some scenes were perfect.
Underwater with liz and abe, hellboy in the orange forest, hellboy and the whole heads excerpt from the comic. They had the whole colour palette down and the music as well as sound fit perfect.

And then there were others that just plain looked bad. Too many to name off here. Unfortunately the bad ones outweight the good. Mostly anything involving the possesed japanese prof. The scroll bit was pretty hard to watch as well. And there were way too many flashes.

The main issue was consistency. Whereas some scenes felt right in terms of lighting, mood and character...The audience would suddenly jump to another scene that looked like it was done by a completely diff person. The Backgrounds especially. And some of the animation was just really sloppy. I remember seeing kate holding the scroll with gloves on. It cuts, the gloves are gone..adn then they are on her hands again in the next cut.
Overall I had fun watching it, but once thinking about it after exiting the theater I thought to myself...If more had been invested into it in terms of prep and budgeting it could have been something more. Im still checking out Blood and Iron and hope they'll get even better. Hope none of that was offensive just being honest and constructive, and I am most definetely still buying the DVD once its out.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, hb. I also found certain scenes were simply stunning in their execution and perhaps, to me, that is what made a few others pale in comparison. Judging from your post, I think I liked it a little more than you. I did feel the pacing was a bit off and it became confusing, especially when the professor got possessed and a scene was out of order. But for a freshman effort I thought it was pretty damn good. When I watch it on tivo I find myself fast-forwarding through some of the stuff, tho.

I think, as Tad has eluded, they hit a better stride in the next one. A few kinks worked out. But the real proof would lie with the (HOPEFULLY!) third one. That one would fully benefit from lessons learned in one and anything we find in two.

Glad it was a festive night and extra fun with the freebies, big screen, and fellow Hellboy fans.


yep. No doubt the next one will be better and I'm sure the third one would be great as well. Specially if we are getting any robotic monkeys as Tad may or may not have mentioned.
Ill post a picture of me in my new Hellboy shirt if I get the chance. maybe Tad will throw it in the PHOTO ALBUM under t-shirts.


Hey Tad!

I was at my local mall and saw a display for Sword of Storms at Cinema One. I snapped a pic of it with my camera phone for ya. Sorry for the glare.


Thanks, Brooke! Glad to see it got a spot by the window. I am more than a little paranoid about people remembering when it's going to come out.

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