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December 26, 2006



Not sure which I like more, the mit or the documentation. Great gift!


Does that company have a website, or is the whole thing custom with a rather amusing card included?

Tad Stones

That's a one of a kind. Check out the phobe.com link for similar insanity.


hey, that's awesome! great use for the right hand of doom! i was just wondering where's the hellboy forum where you guys post?? i feel kind of alone here where i live (mexico) cause i just know one hellboy fan (and that's me) i'd like to chat with more of you guys...

Tad Stones

You'll find them in the Little Bits o' Hell list to the right. Click on the forum or visit Hellboy.com first and click on its forum. They'll both send you to the same place.


great idea for a game. It woudlve been cool black and white.
And yeah...Once the DVD's for sword of storms is out I was thinkin on planning a little mini screening at school to get attention drawn to it. That way maybe I could meet more Hellboy fans equally or more amazed by Hellboy then me.
Glad your holidays have been going good Tad.


Aw, shucks (I'm blushing redder than Hellboy over here) -- glad you liked it!

Note to hb: the game does have a black & white mode, complete with "film scratches" so it looks like an old movie. :)

David Petersen

That is pretty cool Sparky!
Between silk screened christmas cards and making RHODOM, did you and Lars have a good holiday?

Consider yourself a lucky man Tad! Paprika tentacles baby.


well sparky...brilliance on both your parts then. scratches and all. I'll be sure to keep an eye on it.


Also, there's a preview up of Black Wedding, a little bit of rick lacy art...up at darkhorse.com


The art I was hoping was going to be slightly tighter and better than it actually is. Ill have to wait until the end of january so I can have it in my hands to judge for sure though.


Oh I can not wait for the sequel and the dvd of the first .
Im only turned 16 and I was drawn to Hellboy bye the dark,funny ,dangerous side of things a books of place where anyhting can happen.


Im glad all of you (who work hard to bring us awsome stuff, like hellboy) give us the younger artist some cedit, it really does help...even the ones not outta school yet (like me, 9th right now) and boy is it hard to get a A in art,oh and Sparky, I just love your Idea! Its cool and creative.


I mean both the oven mit and game sorry if it wasnt clear

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