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December 20, 2006



Thanks Tad! Wonderful Christmas present. I look forward to seeing it.

As to the "clue"...it is a little to dark on my monitor to really tell what's going on so I don't really know.

Movie isn't even out yet and you taunt us with DVD extras. You are an evil man, Mr. Stone.

Kim Larsen

Oh wauw - what an awesome trailer!!! Piced together like a swichclockwork! ;)
Only thing I didn't care so much for, was at the very end, when the speaker says: "Hellboy: Blood anf Iron"... he's trying to sound cool, but just ends up sounding like a joke! Ah well... ;)
Very nice work ... looking forward to seeing it. :)


I have already started to slobber....

Mysterious Mister Alexander

Hmmm... The only thing I spotted that might be from another Mignola story was Hellboy getting pulled out of the tower wall by the rope. Someone at the end of it with some heavy footware, perhaps?


yeah! Looks great and significantly darker than the first one. As for the DVD clue...I have no idea.
I DID CATCH one thing though...when the word 'destiny' flashes on screen theres the silouette of baby hellboy in there? Maybe HE's going to be incoporated in some fashion? who knows? all I know is that was a great christmas gift! Thanks Tad


We need to get Matt's trailer on here... it's so much better...


We'll save the longer trailer for January so it builds more excitement for the DVD release of Sword of Storms and the premiere of Blood and Iron. I'm actually surprised they put this trailer out this week since it will be swallowed by Christmas stuff.

But it does make this one look tame.


yeah! the iron shoes!

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