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December 03, 2006



if only i had x ray vision to see inside those books!. And lucky you on this free stuff!

i dig the abe and hellboy, but it think ill wait it out for the busts or maybe figures if this gets any bigger.
ill continue spreadin the word.
AND be sure to drop a post about when HB is airin in north america....cant wait forever! wait, yes i can.


I may also have to wait on the sculptures as money is running pretty tight and I need that DVD when it arrives (along with three book, it appears).

I am curious about this viking movie of Ron's. Haven't heard much about viking movies except that one that is coming out in the spring I think.

But, Tad, that's about enough carrot dangling for that third movie, especially since it isn't even green lit yet. Get us all excited and then, WHOOSH!, the rug gets pulled and I end up hitting my head on the coffee table. I really hope it gets made so we can see what all the yammerin' is about. ;)


What???? No pictures???? Sheesh. Although the Perl-Girls (NOT as Tad once named us, The Ronettes) will look forward to seeing Ron shirtless in Nova Scotia. With hard nipples. The film is called Outlander, by the way, and the amazing Mister Hurt is indeed in the film. It's a sci-fi/historic crossover thingy, apparently.

Tad, I envy you the sculptures - and I have to agree about the Abe. It is incredibly elegant, and I wonder if they referenced Doug for the design. The books will appear on my Christmas list.

And thanks for teasing the crap out of us about the third movie. You're worse than Guillermo, and that's saying something.


Ron's viking movie is probably Outlander: http://imdb.com/title/tt0462465/


Quick question, Tad. Does it matter if we order Sword of Storms from amazon or purchase it at a store? Wasn't sure if pre-orders helped facilitate future films or if total sales would be the deciding factor. I'll purchase one either way, but if there's a difference, I'll go the route that speeds along a third film. Keep up the good work.

Tad Stones

Amazon numbers are always noticed and we expect them to climb when commercials start airing. Preorders are an indication of excitement. If you order through Amazon, order via the link at Hellboy.com. Doesn't cost you anything but it supports the website.

Ultimately, a sale is a sale, so as long as you don't buy a black market copy or wait too long to buy it, it "counts."

The Mysterious Mister Alexander

If we can keep Hellboy Animated's ratings high and new films coming, any chance of an animated Roger the Homunculus? If we get that lucky, I'd recommend Keith David (Childs from John Carpenter's "The Thing", and the voice-over guy for those "Navy: Accelerate Your Life" ads) for Roger's voice. Hell, with enough make-up he could play Roger in the live-action films!


Thanks for the link and revelation of "Outlander." It is not the "other" viking movie I was thinking of but sounds interesting none the less. And poor Ron, his character doesn't even have a name yet! At least, it's not shown on IMDB yet.

I know his character has a name in his NEXT movie!


Hey Tad--will John Hurt be in BLOOD AND IRON?


yup...if you check the site it has a synopsis. Hes rather important this time around...cant wait for the vampires!!!

PS I agree a 100% witht the mysterious mister alexander on the appearance or roger....
( not sure about the voice though ) BUT
it seems to me what with his not appearing in the HB2 movie as well as his sudden 'absence' in the BPRD comics, the animated series would be a perfect little place for him to be. Particularly a solo mission. The moments in the comics when he is alone are very interesting, hes like a big strong curious child.

Tad Stones

As I've said before, when and if Roger appears it will not be in a small way. He will not just pop up for a mission.

No Roger in the next mission. In fact, surprisingly fewer agents than you might expect.


hmmm...mysterious...yet intriguing


i agree with what you said about the abe sculpture. it is beautiful

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