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November 16, 2006



well that IS great news> real happy that they have this much confidence in the dvd.
Cool pics of the wolf and the poor prof. being mobbed by some ghosts.
Cant wait to hear more news about Blood and Iron as well as UNTITLED in the works...
Glad to see that it has a chance of being a trilogy. NOW IF I COULD ONLY BLOODY SEE THE FIRST ONE :P


great news, the standard is getting really high for guillermo and mike for hellboy 2!!!!! keep it up!!! i just can't get enough hellboy, tehee!

P.D- SUGGESTION, if these do great it would be awesome to see a SHORT LOBSTER JOHNSON STORY in a future dvd..... maybe hellboy:untitled???????? jejeje greedy me!


Can't blame ABE for the desire to see LJ in something other than a Hellboy comic. A great character that could use some more exposure.

While I did slag on CN for there lack of drive regarding SoS, I am very happy to see they are understanding when it comes to artistic vision and desire for quality. Giving you the added time shows they are interested in getting the best product they can so I appreciate that.

Exciting times.


Man, sounds hectic at the moment,as long as you guys have the amount of time you need it shoud be great.
Hmm a LJ story intresting....


yes Ill admit a LJ story does make me drool :) but with this stuff being pushed on all you guys, I can wait


hehe, glad to see some more interest in Lobster Jhonson, i know these guys have a hectic schedule for doing other stuff, but KIRK has a point, its always nice to see a great character with so much untaped potential explored trough a diffrent medium...

PD- i'm trying to do a Lobster fan film sometime this year to satisfy my craving for more LJ hehehehe! i'm thinking of crossing it with indiana jones and have herman von klempt (pre-jar) as the villain before the conqueror worm story arch....


Ahem. Fanboys and fanGIRLS, if you please.


I've actually never written you before, though I've been reading this blog for... forever. I think it's time I unleashed my inner fangirl a little.

I've only gotten into Hellboy over the past year, and, having read the entire series (voraciously!) I went and rented the movie. I can't express how disappointed I was. Everything looked very nice, but the film was missing what I considered to be the essence of the comics: mythology, and complex character interactions. (And Kate, but, as awesome as she is, that's trivial compared to a lot of the other changes.)

Sword of Storms was the real Hellboy movie I'd been waiting for. It was better than I could have imagined (I think the whole block heard me screaming when Abe was helping Liz breathe underwater) and it brought me great joy to see something I loved so much in animated form. I wish you all the luck in the world on Blood and Iron and whatever comes afterwards.


well, Natalie.. mignola said to guillermo del toro "take my characters and do your own thing".. i recall that mike mignola gets upset when he's immitated (check his comments on screw-on head series) or an adaptation is too close to what he does, in hellboys case, check the plot summary for hellboy 2, it sure will please you more than the 1st live movie's plot


I do see your point, and I didn't hate the movie in the least, I just found it disappointing. Because, as you know, the comics are SO great, and because the movie emphasized my least favorite parts of them (Nazis, fight scenes) and left out most of my favorite parts (mythology, characters with maturity and depth). I really enjoyed the animated movie because it felt like it had the same balance as the comics, not because the characters were exactly the same as you see them in print.


I thought it was ok, in fact the movie got me interested in the comic books in the first place...after reading the comic, I can see where both of you are comming from. But, I liked the movie a little better for some reason (?) Probably I saw the movie first than reading the comic book. I also remember seeing SOH on scifi and was excited for a series, me and my mom laught our asses off at that thing. (good thing I taped the damn thing.It also took forever to find a copy of Screw on head)Unfortunetly, for me and my mom, we didnt get a series:(

P.S. Lets just say if you where forced to watch Spider-man or Hellboy (the movies) and where forced to read the comic books of the series of withced you just wathced, I personally go with Hellboy....I just can't stand Spider-man Bitchin all the time >:( (not saying that spider man isnt good, I just cant stand him)


Im a fan of the comics first and foremost.
NOTHING will ever match them.nothing. Even the darkhorse flash 'animations' which have moving panels extracted from the comics directly arent close at all to evoking the mood and general feeling one gets when reading them.
The movie was great entertainment. Had they followed the comicbook as closely as say, Sin City had well it would most likely have been the cheesiest movie I would have ever seen.
In fact MikeMignola even stated himself how much he disliked the SinCity movie because it was so panel for panel similar to the graphicnovel.

scew on head was interesting and enormously funny but once again it made me wince whenever I saw a particular drawing or portion that just didnt look Mignola. The style was never consistent throughout.

Im going mad not being able to see the animated version but it looks to be yet another great addition onto the Hellboy universe.

ultimately im trying to emphasize the greatness of having so many different takes on Hellboy as the fanbase continues to grow


Yes, hb, it is the differences that I celebrate, too. While there will never be anything to top the original, each version of Hellboy, taken on its own, is what I enjoy. None of them needs to be compared to Mike's comic - they stand alone.
I loved the comic. I loved the movie. And now I love the animated characters. As each one touches on different aspects they can have even broader appeal and allow us to enjoy Big Red in diverse ways. It is trying to compare and focus on the differences that cause us to find flaws and faults. Kinda like life.



haha..we are all tragic heros to our own destiny.

Karen Ballweber(Montagu)

Hi I am so excited to hear that Willio and Phillio helped out on this. I am an old friend of theirs and I just saw Will on the SAG awards show last nite. Do you know how to get in touch with him. Maybe you could give him my email address. Thanks Karen B

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