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November 22, 2006



I love the look of that title page with Hellboy leaping at the camera. Really nice.

Sounds like things are hectic as always but this talk of another property sounds...mysterious. As long as it doesn't slow the Hellboy progress, go for it.

Enjoy your holiday, Tad, and check in when you can.


gobble up some gobbler.
And check in once you've had your fill of freedom away from the work world as well. Although Im sure your work is ultrafun...at its core.


I just checked the HB official animation site and I clicked media and low and behold...
Now just judging from those and not the full length feature...its gotta be bloody amazing. Mike is definetely in there, every nook and cranny of it.

of the clips however I can autimatically note the strong and weak points.

The animation is definetely not the best it could be...or at the least it could be a bit better. the old lady with liz and abe was a bit too jittery haha. Also
when the scenes stick to analogous colours it seems to keep things alot more interesting and give it more depth. The scroll bit with the fox was slightly disapointing in this fashion. But the other scene with the bridge troll and the absolute brilliance of the japanese woman in the forest scene. THAT scene right there just made it for me...THAT was absolutely Mignola. glad to see hes in there . Its playing with the whole take a second look idea...to that extent you guys have captured the look and creepiness from the comics. bravo.
bleeding instrument...oh man I still cant get over it.

now why cant february come any sooner!!!?


like the opening hellboy jumpin, thing. Hope you have a good turkey day. I also think the animation was great! (way better than I can do lol) :)

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