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November 03, 2006



ANOTHER one? Sweet dog! While still not greenlit it is exciting that you are already thinking about it and making notes of things to make it even better.

I see what you are getting at in that sequence and I agree with your points. Given an infinite amount of time and endless resources I am sure the film would have been even better, though it never would have been completed as I am sure, like most artists, you are never 100% satisfied. For the time and resources you had I think you worked wonders and it turned out great. Even better than I had expected. I look forward to your uopdates on the progress of all things Hellboy animated.

Now if I could just wrangle a membership to that clubhouse for cool kids...


wow...I really really hope a third one happens tad...That would be perfect. A trilogy would be ideal....and better yet...a continuing series.
I think I got mixed reactions although more positive then negative on the first movie....many of the negative views either focused on something specific they didnt like or they were concerned with how far from the comic it was......
Seeing as the second movie is vampire orientated...Maybe theres the possibilty there will be that extra mignola in it
keep workin on that third film and make sure its the BEST ONE YET. no pressure...just.....you dont want to end up with a xmen united type thing happening


BTW: here in mexico we already had pan's labirynth in teathers and i must say its PERFECT, guillermo has very high standards to top with hellboy2, wich i'm sure he will top above and beyond!!!!!!!!!! awesome time to be a hellboy fan!


Yes we need a trilogy at least,I cant wait for the DVD gonna be so cool.


I've been walking around with a Hellboy tattoo on my left forearm since 2000'so that should tell you how big a Hellboy fan I am...and this fan can't WAIT for the next movie and the DVD release of SWORD OF STORMS!!!Especially loved the vignette based on Mike's story "Heads"...and VERY pleased that Cartoon Network kept in every "Oh,CRAP!" and "SCREW THIS!"...just wouldn't be Hellboy without them.


watched SOS the other day, although it took me some time to appreciate the look of it i felt it was a successfull stab at bringing the big red one to life in yet another medium. doug jones was great in it too! i have high hopes for the next one(s), and that's coming from a guy who went as hellboy on halloween.


haha best hellboy costume by far...
PS TAD...will the releases for the dvd be a worldwide one in february..or is that only for the states?


Tad...a question that I would love for you to answer for those of us that do not understand the workings of production companaies and networks:

Why would CN not be rerunning Hellboy? If they aren't planning on running this several times, why would there be such a delay until the release of the DVD? I understand that you would delay the DVD so CN could get some milage out of showing the feature on their network but it appears they are treating it like the redheaded stepchild at a Thanksgiving dinner. One showing, no hype, and no mention of a reairing.
Could you enlighten us, oh wise one?

Neil Hill

Although I was one of the few dissenters on the Hellboy.com Messageboard (yeah, Sword of Storms just didn't connect with me), I have nothing but high hopes for future Hellboy animated films. Through your blog's Tad and your time on the Messageboard community, I can not only sense but see how hard you and your teams are working to make these films the best they can be. That effort speaks volumes. As a consumer I can complain all day long, but to see you actually take those complaints/compliments and turn them into something positive for future Hellboy movies is, to say the least, encouraging.

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