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November 29, 2006



I really, REALLY hope there is a third one (especially now that a few careless hints have been dropped). But, looking at that cart with a horse behind me, I need to focus on the impending SoS DVD and the very exciting next movie.

Nova Scotia?


Any news on the Canadian broadcast dates? The clips on the SoS website wet my appetite and I cant wait to see the whole thing.
keep up the great work and maybe next week you can let drop about whether there might be some..i dunno...lets say big mechanical ape in the third one.
cross you fingers everybody.
Frankly though...Ill work to spread the word. Many people seem unaware of the DVD release!!!

The Mysterious Mister Alexander

Why is it that I love Herman von Klempt so very much? Perhaps it's the fact that, peerless scientific genius that he is, the most efficient method for transport he could envision was to get a gorilla to carry his head around. My brand of logic! I will tell everyone I know to buy your DVD, just so that I might see the Nazi-head-in-a-jar in action (although I've got my fingers crossed that he'll be in a live-action Hellboy 3! I called Venom being in Spider-Man 3 years ahead of time, so it's not hopeless).


same here for the Von, I wanna see a gorilla!!! so Ill cross my fingers. Unfortunetlly Ill most likly have to get it after the Holidays (my family has no Idea what to get me even when I tell them over and over)

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