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October 05, 2006


Alain N.

Congrats Tad! We loved your work back in the Disney days, and I'm sure the work of you and your mates will be outstanding this time too!

Too bad that Hellboy isn't shown on the Dutch channel of Cartoon Network. Oh well, I'll catch it somehow.



(that seems so anticlimactic)

Jason Chalker

Congrats! I can't wait to see it!

David Server

Hahaha, best graphic ever. Congrats Tad and Team HB: Animated!!!



Well it has been a long and not problem free journey for you Tad!
Give yourself a pat on the back...
Lay down..relax...stretch a bit....

Then strap yourself in for Blood and Iron!!!!!

hope you have a breather. and absolutely cannot wait to see it.


I agree...I hope you get a small chance to just relax.

But I imagine it is a great feeling to have this finished. A lot of yourself is mixed in with all the ink, paint, sound and motion. We all impatiently wait for you to share it with us.

Hennie Blaauw

hey hey Congrats! We're all looking forward to it and I'm sure you're going to blow us all away! Enjoy the breather...:-)


Congrats, Tad.

So is it still set to debut on Oct. 28 on the Cartoon Network? I've got my DVR all set to record...

Helen Chavez


Now, you may, if you so wish, treat yourself to a few hours off and mayhap a wee celebratory snifter of whatever your poison may be, but then ... it's back to work for you, my lad!!

Seriously, many congratulations to you and the whole team - sterling work, and I can't wait to see it! Although when (if at all) it will emerge on UK TV, I have no idea - but there is the DVD to look forward to. Loverly!


Congradulations! I can't wait to see the end result when it airs ^_^ and I'll certainly snatch up the DVD when it hits the shelves.

David Petersen

Wonderful Tad! Now that the big red monkey is off your back, let him jump right back up there...cause you know we want to see Blood and Iron prod. info as well!!


Hell-o, I am doing art work can I please borrow your abe sapien pics? Please e-mail me asap.

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