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October 13, 2006



I don't generally listen to commentaries unless I'm really into the movie and want the extra immersion that it offers. I believe this will be one of those times.

Congrats on Mike not giving the movie the dry wretch! I am glad he had good things to say and I know this was one of the last phases you were worried about. It appears the only hurtle left is the public reaction in a couple weeks.

Smooth sailing, I say.


lol, glad it worked out Tad,I cant wait to watch the movie a few times then listen to the commentary.


yeah this commntary will definetely be one worth hearing. Mostly because its shorter than a full length movie ( listening to two people talking for two hours is somewhat boring for msyelf )and will probably provide some intersting info on the transition from comic to cartoon.
But since what you have mentioned so far is interviews witht the actors and commentaries...is there to be any making of? Was there filming during production? that would be awesome...staying tuned.

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