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October 12, 2006



Ok at least I know my tv will play it in letterbox I dont want to miss any off the action and detail in the scenes,still really cant wait for the DVD's to hit the U.K. a little while after the U.S.


Pan and scan -
isn't there a way to move "camera" around inside the (originally static) widescreen scene?... Like start with 4:3 frame in right side of 16:9 (with the Bat-god entering) and move it left when the scene is running, so at the end of the scene it's in left?...
Like in a dialogue in car where camera pans from one character to another, as both can't be seen in 4:3.
I understand, that sometimes it may look wrong. By the way, I always like the original compositions!...

Looking forward to ALL the Hellboy animated movies!


pan and scan sucks! Widescreen is the shit!

Tad Stones

Yes, you can pan with the bat. Sometimes that can work, other times the pan would be too fast or you may be cutting from one pan to another pan. In either case, you end up with a different piece of film taking the place of a scene that had different dynamics.

So all the options are thought through or even tried, and you pick the least of evils.


I think daniel sumed it up for me.

Glad the preiere will be in letterbox (and here I always thought it was called that because it looked like and envelope, rectangle wise). As for buying the DVD, well...ok, you talked me into it. ;)


Great post Tad. I've always been curious about this process. Thanks for taking the time to talk about it.


Wait--if the DVD is widescreen and Cartoon Network is showing it letterboxed, why are you even doing a P&S?


Only the premiere will be letterboxed on Cartoon Network. As of now, subsequent showings will be full frame.

Really try to see the premiere because they will be limiting the number of rebroadcasts before the DVD comes out.


just as a reminder...
When is again?


Hey Tad. Im aware still frames tend to show things that you don't really want noticed, or sometimes they show things you didnt really catch in the animation due to speed.
But, isHellboys hand a bit funky? The right hand of doom has the hand right after the second ring but here it seems his wrist extends so that he may cross his arms.
Guess it just looks weird, and just something I picked up. widescreen all the way!

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