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October 18, 2006



oh man thats awesome..he sketched up a hellboy with a cigar for me when i went to see you guys at fan expo canada...which was amazing..but i guess sumthing hes drawn a bajillion times...
this is just too cool. frame it.
and i will be spreadin the word and keepin an eye out to the max.

Joseph White

When is the actuall air date for the movie?

Matt Mendes

For us folks up in Canada, is there a station picking "Sword of Storms" up for broadcast? I would think Teletoon would, but I've seen no indication. Any news, or do we have to wait for the DVD release?


In the US the air date is October 28th...WRITE IT DOWN!!

I am worried if there are actual Hellboy fans out there that haven't heard about these then what has the non-hellboy fan heard? Yikes! I think this is part of the problem - I went over to Cartoon Network's website and looked for some banner, some blurb mentioning Hellboy and the upcoming movie event.
I did a search for Hellboy on the site and I got this:
"Sorry, no matches were found containing hellboy."

So I guess its up to us to get the word out. I'll do what I can.

Tad Stones

Two Canadian broadcasters want Hellboy so you guys will definitely have some HB to enjoy with your Kraft Dinner.


Wow, I've been out of it with wrapping our own production. That's great that it is coming out so soon! I'll definately spread the word.

And Tad, I just realized... it seems to don't actually have a link to the hellboyanimated website in your hellboy links to the right --->

Vic Cook

Hellboy Sword of Storms is featured in this weeks TV Guide!

Matt Mendes

Mmmmm ... Kraft Dinner!
(That's Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for you American folks.)

I'll keep my eyes on our TV listings Tad, but if you could possibly post any Canadian broadcast info on the site, it would be much appreciated!


i eat my kraft dinner with maple syrup. yum.
and i eat my pamcakes with maple syrup as well :P



Tad. This is great. Being someone whos just started into animation for the next four years much of what you said I directly agreed with or found new and intriguing. thanks so much for your little Tad-bits .


Awesome sketch, Tad. I've been spreading the word for awhile now.

Dennis Woodyard

Hi Tad. Congratulations on a job well done. I really enjoy your production blog and look forward to seeing the finish movie. Here's wishing you continuing success.

Neil Hill

Very much looking forward to the premiere on Cartoon Network Tad, and holding out great hopes that the public reaction will be overwhelmingly positive! I'd even love it if Hellboy Animated gained enough popularity to be a half-hour program on everyday, like Spongebob and the like. Not sure if that is also your hope sir, but I'd love that kind of exposure for Mike's character.

Nice sketch also, you lucky so-and-so! :)


I've personally had HB fans I've told say, "How did I not know about this?" It's a crowded mediascape.



I checked CN again as they list their schedule a week out and low and behold...Hellboy is on the schedule for this Saturday.


They took Tad's role WAY too literally and list the movie as Hellboy: The Sword of STONES!!!!


jeff hotchkiss

I just hope when they air it, the music doesn't drown out the dialogue like it does on every other CN movie. I would really like to enjoy this one. The Miyasaki movies they had on in July, I couldn't stand it so I switched channels. Can't wait to see it though!


just a heads up. Hellboy has an anime feel to the animation. For me it looked like some weird cartoon hybrid. Not disney...not anime. It looks like something new....maybe the style can be called...


wow. Tad please ignore that. my brother typed it heh heh.embarassment.

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