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October 27, 2006



My TIVO is locked and loaded. Can't wait!


I can receive Cartoon Network here in Belgium, but it doesn't show the Hellboy Animated movie at that moment. Too bad :-S Nevertheless, you can be sure I'll buy the DVD when they get sold in the U.S.


Already have it set to record, in case something happens so I can't see it. Going to be so awesome =)


Is that this week?

I kid.
DVR...set. Guests...invited. Emails...sent.

Ready on all fronts.

Tmorrow - Sword of STONES! ;)


I envy you all....be sure to post comments the moment you finish...
good viewing everybody.


You guys so need to make a T-shirt with that Hellboy Jr. logo on them. Like, now.


Yeah...that little dude is a keeper.

Today is the day! You made it, Tad!


Any date for the Australian premiere?


The international deals are all being made in the next few weeks. But even when the deals are made, I don't know that we'll get the airdate sent to us.

If I can get airdates, I'll either post them here or have them posted on GoToHellboy.com which has now been updated, BTW.

Go check it out.


much much better visualy. the updated version is awesome. like the old weathered thing goin on.,. and the reference to that hellboy pic mike did of the ron pearlman looking hellboy/.....great job


It's a pity I can't see it yet here in Europe. I really want to see it!


I can't wait to see it...if I could afford TIVO it would be set up to record it, but I can't so the old VCR will have to do.


I just finished watching it, and wow. To be honest I orginaly didn't warm up to the character designs, and the traler left me cold as well.

But, wow. That was fantastic, I throughly enjoyed it.




Just finished watching it, i'm impressed. Of all the comic book straight to dvd movies i've seen, that's one of the best i've seen in a while. I can't believe i gotta wait until Febuary to own it on dvd. I can't wait to see the next one. I was kinda bothered by how Abe sounded, but other than that i loved it. Can we expect maybe a Hellboy tv series after these are done with?


Great movie, Tad. Loved the action. Loved the humor. Fantastic voice work by Perlman. Job well done.


Outstanding job all around guys!

I'm most impressed with how you worked elements from the comic into the picture; they transitioned seamlessly into the new stuff!

Can't wait for the DVD!


when will it be available for latin american cartoon network viewers??!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Tad.


I left my full review at the CBR board but I wanted to chime in here and say that it was wonderful. Fantastic. Hellboy was spot on. The humor - priceless.
Biggest surprise - Doug's voice as Abe. It is finally as it should be.

Thanks Tad!!


Oooh how I wish Cartoon Network would air it again. =( The power went out here. Curses!


Will "Hellboy: Sword of Storms" air again? Alas, I missed it!


I really enjoyed it, but I'm not a huge fan of comic to animation type things like this...I really think some neat details on the right hand of doom are lost, and it becomes just a red tube with nubs wiggling out the top.

And thanks for the seizure, during the scene with the lights flashing really quickly, I got a pretty bad migraine that lasted the rest of the night.

I still enjoyed it though, which I believe says something about the movie.


x_x I can't believe I missed it on the TV. I'm gonna get my hands on the DVD as soon as I can though.


I missed it and am none too pleased. It should have been run twice or something, or have another air date. It's SO unfair I have to wait till the DVD comes out! *insert more moaning and whining*

Anyway, can't wait to get my gubby paws on a copy of the DVD... :)


I have to say Hellboy: Sword of Storms may be the best comic animated movie I have ever seen. As far as I am concerned it cannot be released on DVD fast enough. Just make sure it is available in widescreen and has cool extras and great commentary.

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