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October 24, 2006



ahhh.saturdayyyy!!!....im so sad im not going to be able to see this. Be sure to let me know when its being broadcast in Canada eh?


PS...is the cover we've seen on the website ( hellboy with the sword over the shoulder )to be the sword of storms cover?

AND...this is wicked cool>>>

Mister Alexander

I was just looking at Cartoon Network's website to see if they were plugging Hellboy properly, and on their "TV Schedule" chart it's listed as "Hellboy: Sword of STONES", not "Sword of STORMS". How can a TV channel not know what their own programming is called?!?


Yup...as I pointed out in the last entry, CN can't even promote their own program right. It still says "Stones" - a nod to Tad I am sure - and if you click on the description you only get the title, incorrect, again. Not even a synopsis. Oh well...

But I am SO jazzed to be seeing this in a coupel of days. It really doesn't seem that long ago that this thing officially got announced (probably even shorter in Tad's mind!) and here we are a few days away.

Wow. So cool.


I'm liking the description of Blood and Iron as being similar to a Hammer horror film.

Sean Shields

I was just on the cartoon network site and they aren't really pushing the new show. No pop ups, I typed "Hellboy: Sword of STONES" even into their search engine I got nothing. They really aren't promoting this big on the site. I watch all the time and I still haven't seen a commericial. I must be missing it. That's alright we will show them, all the fans will turn out to watch.


That's right, Sean, it's up to us now.


Aw crap, I can't download the mp3. Keep on getting file does noe exists here. Anyone got it? Got to hear what that SuperRune stuff was all about ;)


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