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September 23, 2006



dangit! well I for one hope that maybe the second clip will be seen and then commented by someone on this board...Im really interested in seeing more footage. thanks for answering the questions.


Wow, it is closer to done than I thought (and a tense time around the office I am sure).
I also hope some more footage becomes available - perhaps in an update to the official site?

Have fun at the festival, Tad. Watch out for the errant tentacle!


thats weird. my message posted twic!
Ah well...
Actually Im back on because i recently opened a toy fare or toy something magazine and saw some hellboy animated sneak peek figures.
One skeleton and the other is hb himself. Both look pretty spiffy. Have you seen them Tad?


Tad, Sharon here (your old color stylist friend from Buzz Lightyear). I remember you talking about Hellboy back when we were working on the show together... and met Mike when he and I did a small comic convention together in Seattle. Guess I just stopped by to say good job, and congrats - you deserve it. Best!


Hope things are going well for you, Sharon!

hb, don't worry about double posts. The only deleting I do of comments are double posts and spam... and how did Verizon get this blog address anyway? Guess they're fans.

Toren Atkinson

I have been to the HPL Film Fest many times (quite often playing with my Lovecraft-inspired band, The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets) and I'm sure you'll enjoy the incredibly friendly atmosphere! Not to mention the bevy of films.

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