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September 24, 2006



haha...well i guess you did see the toys huh? I mentioned them in teh previous post. BUT i think the ones i saw were actual figures because they had joint and were much better painted. And hellboy had a gun pointed...doesnt seem to be there...They still look great though....definetely want the bat one.



More money into the Hellboy coffers!


yeah...Im actually getting scared now....Im going to have so many versions of hellboy it just might drive me crazy looking at them all.


just to give one a sense of scale....

and seeing as it says the big one is displayed at 150% actual size im guessing i was wrong about 'figures' coming out.
Dang these are going to be tiny...Maybe Ill get the PVC set instead....


The Bust-ups in that photo are actual size. I believe the HB action figure will be seven inches tall.


oh fantastic! Glad to hear there are going to be posable figures.
Save up my money for when those come out.

thanks for the info Tad ;P


Yes Gentle Giant is putting out a full size figure and a skelleton warrior...thing. heh. Also, just posted this...



I really like he Hellboy and Abe busts. I think those are going to have to crowd onto my overflowing shelf. I like how Abe's is a bit off cilter.

Thanks for the heads up Nomad!


wow!!! Thanks for posting those nomad and I agree with Kirk 100%...I hope they are no where near as pricey as the statues though...
And yet again...We have to wait an eternity
before we can see these in our local comic stores...;(


Very cool this figures...

I link a illustration/gift for the Hellboy Animated crew !

A french fan


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