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September 05, 2006



yahhh..TO all the way...I was there for the sat and sun seminars. they were great.
Its funny I actually got a photo with the exact same abe sapien Mike is posing with there. Its a great suit.
If you look carefully in the bottom right photo...IN teh line-up... Those are my long lanky feet sticking out wearing the white socks and brown shoes...
I am now officialy in a photo with Mike and Tad. You cant get any better than that. haha


Any body interested in what the Hellboy animated accompanying comics from darkhorse will look like..?
I recently looked up Rick Lacy ( the guy doing some of the artwork ) to see what his work looks like and not only is it terrific and theres tons of it on his blog...


But he also provided some preview roughs for one of the stories in the comic and it looks great!!!
Scroll down...Its under
Well...I guess I better start saving my allowance. HB related merchandise is surely gonna kick my wallets butt


If I had the funds this year I would have been one of the people in attendance asking questions.


I just read a post from the Abe Sapien guy over at the Hellboy movie board. Sounds like he had a blast also.

hb, thanks for the links!

David Petetersen

Great to see you again! Thanks for the set-up with Space!


no prob kirk...
by the way did you know the real kirk was there? UNfortunately i found out last minute you needed a special ticket to see him...oh well

Kate (aka Kusanivy

Thanks for all the comments on the costume guys (and a HUGE thanks to Tad for posting the pic here!). I put a lot of hard work into it and I'm really happy how it turned out, and what a big kick everyone seemed to get from it.

Only one thing, and I know it's hard to tell me being blue and covered in foam and all - but I'm actually a girl!


"THE REAL kirk?" I thought that was me?! It is my name on the CBR board. Bill Shatner? Cool. Too bad you didn't get to see him. I've always wanted to meet him just to say, "I'm the real Kirk." ;)

Kate, couldn't tell who was under all that foam. Love that costume.


FOR those who missed the seminars at fan expo canada heres MIke Mignola giving some hints and insights into the second Hellboy movie: The Golden Army....


I saw this live...Can you say deja vu? Pretty surreal.

Kate (Kusanivy)

No problem Kirk ;)

Like I said, I realise it was a bit hard to tell under all those "fish bits" ;)


our interview with Tad should be up shortly the beginning of next week - this is puppet television by the way

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