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August 21, 2006



hey..cool...I wasn´t expecting this to happen..but i guess i should´ve.its an awesome cover
im going to wait and see how they turn out...I usually dont go for the smaller digest format comics...less so when you have more than one artist doing the insides. I never dug the diverse selection in the strange tales for example.But if the insides of these comics look like the cartoon then ill be up for it...
As flexible as I am with renditions of the hellboy however, that little hellboy with goggles at the dark horse page..just doesnt cut it for me.


I'm excited to see more Hellboy in this style, even if it isn't by my favorite: Mignola himself.


The figures on the cover are hard to make out - as everything blends into each other - need more contrast - maybe a darker background or something? The whole figure/ground concept needs to be worked on. Still like it:) and will but it:)


I am curious how these new comics are received. From the cover mock-up it looks like the animated style is getting a more cartoonish slant. Not exactly condusive to serious story telling. This looks like something I'd see ont he shelf of the kiddie comics.

Of course I'll buy it and I may well enjoy it. But it definitely has a different look than the animated series.


ditto...ie member how i was refering to the strange tales? i remember seeing one about some sort of closet or under the bed monster..i think abe was in it...its that óver the top cartoony that didnt persuade me to keep flipping...if the stories and structure stick to the nice cinematic feel you get from flipping through hellboy or the bprd comics then ill be up for it. i just hope they dont get more cartoony then the above image....

if so you might as well save it for hellboy jr.
meantime ill wait for some preview pages up at darkhorse

Jim Pascoe

As the lead writer on these comics, I can assure all of you that these are not "kiddie comics."

"The Black Wedding" is very dark, very black. How much more black can it be? The answer is none. None more black.

Seriously, I've worked hard with Mike and Tad and the excellent folks at Dark Horse to make sure these new stories are very much in the vein of Mignola's work and Tad's incredible take on it.

I can't wait for the movies and the comics to come out. It's going to be a great year.


Thanks for the info, Jim. "None more black?" Will there even be pictures? ;)

It is good to hear that the stories will be right along with the creepiness that is standard for Hellboy. It was the art I was concerned about. I like the style but am curious how it fits with a horror story. Kinda like watching "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" with Michael Myers suddenly showing up. Maybe that would make it even MORE creepy.

I look forward to your stories, Jim, and the whole animated universe that is set to birth upon the public.


yeah, the cover looks like Disney.


haha..could you be any more vague? looks like disney..oh well...either way im glad someone close to the project shed some light..im sure theyre going to be great...and not something to out of the vein of the amazingness mignola usualy spurts out


I'm sure it'll be great - it's just the cover art that looks a bit cure and cuddly


...that's CUTE and cuddly


I really like the look.
Mr.Matsuda is always cool with his style of art,Im really going to have to pick this up.


hmmm...it has that style that those A Series of Unfortunate Events novels have...THe sharp crisp lines and that same pastel sort of look...I dig it...cant wait to see any preview pages...


Hey Tad, I can't wait to see you at the comic con in Toronto this year! and great job on keeping us all posted on the news!


no way!?..i didnt know you were going to be there...is it going to be with mike at the seminar...the one about bringing hellboy to the screen..?
IM hoping to get some hellboy animated stuff...free bee or non...i want a tshirtttttt

Sarah Myers

wooooh... *looks at the cover* Why I suspect that the black bryde is Liz?

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