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August 28, 2006



beautiful...and haunting at the same time..Im sure that sequence is going to be solid both visualy and musicaly...
And this is no biggy but im still wondering just in terms of the appearance...
Can you tell us if this is going to have a widescreen format or full screen?
I find it supports the feel to everything alot more if its in that cinematographic widescreen format. It works great in some of the samurai jack cartoons and the clone wars cartoons for example...
just a personal preference.BUt either way im curious to know.
And thanks for the insightful background to the music component.you set em up he knocks em down basically sums it up huh?


Wow the Production on this sounds great and Im glad you are havinga great tie making them,the music sounds good so far from the description so yeah cant wiat.


cool pic! and the music sounds like it will be great!

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